Will Tottenham’s ‘soul partner’ Harry Kane and Son Heung-min duo disband?

Rumors of Kane’s transfer are hot. Kane, wearing a Tottenham uniform, is writing a new history, such as the highest number of goals in Tottenham history and the second highest score in the English Premier League (EPL), but he has never lifted the championship cup. It is Kane’s ‘Han’.

Because of this, many people are raising their voices to transfer to a team that can win. That time is likely to be the coming summer. Local media predicted that Kane would leave if Tottenham did not qualify for the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season, and Tottenham missed the UCL ticket.

There is Manchester United, which has been aiming for Kane for a long time, and recently, French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are actively approaching Kane. The reason is simple. Signature striker Lionel Messi is certain to part ways with PSG, and Neymar’s future is also uncertain.

All that remains is PSG’s ace and future Kylian Mbappe. He needs a new attacking partner to join him. PSG pointed out Kane as the best target. There is a possibility that Kane will become a new partner with Mbappe, not Son Heung-min. If he moves to PSG, at least winning the French Ligue 1 is a matter of course.

France’s ‘Canal Supporters’ directly asked this question. ‘What about the Kane-Mbappe combination?’스포츠토토

The media said, “Kane formed a duo with Son Heung-min at Tottenham for 8 years. Kane tends to be relieved here. But what about the duo of Kane and Mbappe? The compatibility of the two will be good. It’s a role that Kane likes to create opportunities with and Kane finishes.”

“With the departure of Messi and the absence of Neymar, the number 9 priority with the potential to support Mbappe is Kane. Kane is the best player and striker. Kane’s arrival at PSG can send a strong message to the world.” I expected it.

Lastly, he emphasized that Kane’s appearance outside the game is also attractive.

The media said, “Kane has talent, versatility, creativity, finishing ability and, above all, an impeccable attitude throughout his career. He is also a natural leader. He will lead PSG players by example off the pitch as well. “PSG may be able to quench Kane’s thirst without a championship trophy,” he added.

Kane’s transfer fee identified by this media is 90 million euros (130.1 billion won).

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