Reporter Jonathan Giboni’s fierce criticism is a hot topic.

ESPN reporter and analyst Jonathan Giboni appeared on the Lowe podcast on the 25th (Korean time) and made headlines by arguing that the Houston Rockets should fire manager Steven Silas and release Kevin Porter Jr.

Beyond cutting the manager, the argument that the starting point guard should be released is quite unconventional. Giboni is considered one of the top experts on NBA prospects and is the co-founder of In other words, he is not a broadcaster who draws the attention of fans with provocative words. 안전놀이터

This is the first time he has gained fame and made such an unconventional statement. “When you talk to NBA officials about Houston, you don’t hear anything good about them,” Giboni said. There are only bad things about their culture,” he said.

Houston is at the bottom of the league this season with 13 wins and 45 losses. Ranked 30th in the Offensive Rating League. 28th in the Defensive Rating League. He has the lowest record on both sides of the ball. Coach Steven Silas’ failure to dominate the team and the attacking attitude of the main guard duo, Kevin Porter Jr. and Jaylen Green, are cited as reasons for this.

This is the first time that reporter Giboni has left such a harsh comment. It is such a powerful word that some speculate that there is a problem with the club.

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