The wedding originally scheduled right after Hangzhou AG… ‘Gold medal gift’ is wrong due to postponement of the tournament,
postpone retirement and train hard… Winning the 1st and 2nd rounds of the national team competition and reacquiring the right to participate in AG

Korean wrestling’s mainstay Ryu Han-soo (35, Samsung Life Insurance) was about to retire after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This is because he is not young, and the chronic pain in both shoulders has worsened.

He said, “Originally, I had a severe injury to my left shoulder, but as I used my right shoulder a lot due to pain, I also had an injury on the other side.”

Ryu Han-soo, who had been struggling, gave up his thoughts of retirement after meeting Mi-rye Kim, a prospective bride.

Ryu Han-soo and Kim Mi-rye met through the introduction of former wrestler Oh Hye-min, wife of national team member Jeong Han-jae (Suwon City Hall), and got married in November 2022.

Ryu Han-soo said, “I wanted to give it as a wedding gift after winning the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year.”

Ryu Han-soo seemed to realize his plan step by step. He won the national team selection match in March last year and earned the right to participate in the Asian Games.

However, as the Hangzhou Asian Games were postponed for a year in the aftermath of the spread of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in China, Ryu Han-soo’s dream came to nothing.

Ryu Han-soo has revised his retirement plans. “I couldn’t carry out my plan to give him his gold medal as a wedding gift, but I wanted to keep my promise to his wife,” he said. “It’s what extended his playing career.”

Ryu Han-soo thought of his wife and endured again and again. Despite his age, he gritted his teeth as he digested the training of the dead point, which is said to cross his life and death.

Mi-rye Kim, his wife, whom we met on the 14th at the Yanggu Culture and Sports Center in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, said, “I was very sorry to watch her beside her.”토스카지노

Her wife told her husband, “It’s okay to stop.” However, Ryu Han-soo did not give up.

Ryu Han-soo won the men’s Greco-Roman 77kg final of the national team’s second selection held at the Yanggu Culture and Sports Center on the same day following the first selection in December of last year, and won the right to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games again.

Kim Mi-rye, who visited the stadium without her husband’s knowledge, secretly stole her eyes while watching Ryu Han-soo’s victory from the stands.

Mi-rye Kim said, “Actually, I didn’t visit many stadiums because I felt sorry for her husband. This is the second time I’ve seen the game in person.”

Ms. Kim said, “I am very proud of her husband,” and added, “I hope she will play without regret regardless of the result in the Asian Games.”

Ryu Han-soo said, “I am very grateful” for his wife’s support, and promised, “I will present the Asian Games gold medal that I could not give at the wedding.”

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