Referee Scott Foster, who is notorious for being the worst referee for NBA fans, had another accident.

The Miami Heat lost 105-111 in a game against the New York Knicks in the second round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York on the 3rd (Korean time). Miami finished its two consecutive away matches with a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the series.

Jimmy Butler suffered a mid-game injury in Game 1 and missed Game 2. With the news of Butler’s absence, who played a key role in Miami’s offense and defense, it was expected that New York would easily win the second game.

However, the content of the match was different. New York couldn’t find a solution to Miami’s defense and launched a frustrating attack, and Miami took the lead with Caleb Martin and Gabe Vincent’s outer guns exploding. Embarrassed, New York gave the ball to Jaylen Brunson and Julius Randle and found a way out through a 1:1 attack. Through Brunson’s big success, it entered clutch time in a close match.

At this time, an incident occurred. With 3:06 left at the end of the fourth quarter, Miami was trailing 96-99. At this time, with the shot clock buzzer, Martin attempted a 3-point shot, but it hit the rim and missed. However, referee Foster ruled that the rim was not hit, and the right of attack passed to New York.

Miami was in a situation where Vincent grabbed an offensive rebound from Martin’s missed shot and managed to score a bottom-of-the-box shot. Two points were blown due to an error by referee Foster. If it had been judged normally, the score difference would have narrowed to 98-99.

Miami manager Eric Spoelstra strongly protested the decision. However, the protest was not accepted and the match went ahead. The flow, which had been tense due to a decisive misjudgment, turned to New York and seized the victory.크크크벳

Even in the interview after the game, coach Spoelstra’s anger did not diminish. Spoelstra said: “The call gave way. There was nothing we could do. But the decision is part of the game. We will prepare for Sunday’s game.” Director Spoelstra, who is famous for his decent interviews, expressed his feelings in his own way.

Foster referees are notorious even among players. In the results of a poll conducted by the local media ‘The Athletic’ on NBA players, 25.4% of them chose the poster referee when asked about the worst referee. It is an overwhelming 1st place.

The game is over and Miami loses on the decision. But winning is now at the starting point. 1 win and 1 loss in the enemy camp is a satisfactory achievement for Miami. Game 3 will be held at the Caseya Center in Miami on the 7th.

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