‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (47, USA) hinted at his satisfaction with his performance.

Woods and his son, Charlie, 13, were asked what they learned about each other this week after finishing their PNC Championship match on the 19th (Korean time).

Charlie noted that he knew about what his father had accomplished, but he had seen more. “Yesterday (my father) played the best game of the week and it was a bit of a shock to me,” said Charlie. In the first round of the tournament held the day before, the Woods father and son combined for a 13 under par 59 strokes. In particular, Woods created impressive scenes, such as catching an eagle with a chip shot and making several successful mid-to-long-distance birdie putts.

Woods laughed at Charlie’s words, saying, “I was good at one time,” and added, “It was great to be able to turn back time so Charlie could see what I was able to do before.” “The only person who knows what I used to be is Jim McKay. Mackay was very happy yesterday (because of my play).” 토토

Mackay is the caddy for Justin Thomas (USA), who played in the same group as the Woods father and son. Prior to working with Thomas, she worked with Woods’ rival, Phil Mickelson (USA), for 25 years. McCay praised Woods for her play, saying, “I was impressed with Charlie, but she was even more impressed with the current state of Woods.” Thomas also said, “Woods is very healthy and played well despite the limited schedule.” Padreig Harrington (Ireland), winner of the 2007 and 2008 The Open, who recently predicted Woods’ possibility of adding more wins in major tournaments, said on this day, “The head speed of Woods’ 3-iron shot reaches 159 miles, but there are not many people like that in the golf world.” said.

Tim Woods, who was tied for second place two strokes behind the lead on the first day, recorded a 7-under-par 65 (total 20-under-par 124) in the final round held at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club (par 72) in Orlando, Florida, USA, to finish the tournament in a tie for eighth place. Done. Woods, who injured his leg in a car accident in 2020, still has difficulty walking on the course and recently developed plantar fasciitis, so he rode a cart during this tournament. Vijay Singh (Fiji) and his 21-year-old son Kas Singh hit 13 under par two days in a row and became the main characters of the championship prize money of 200,000 dollars (approximately 260 million won) with 26 under par.