A moment of inattention led to a ‘catastrophe’. Even if you are a ‘genius hitter’, you should not forget the ‘basic’. In the meantime, the opponent team was only aiming for a ‘gap’.

It was an absurd moment for KT. In the end, KT lost the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League match against LG held at Jamsil Stadium on the 18th, 5-9, and had to finish 3 consecutive matches with LG with 1 win and 2 losses.

KT clearly had a 3-2 lead until the beginning of the 5th inning. Coincidentally, there was “Ace” Young-pyo Ko on the mound. However, he seemed to be driven to the risk of being on the 1st and 3rd base safely as he was hit by Kim Hyun-soo following the lead hitter Park Hae-min. First base runner Park Hae-min had quick feet, so Kim Hyun-soo was able to easily reach third base with a right-handed hit.

The problem was then. Kang Baek-ho, who caught Kim Hyeon-soo’s batted ball, thought the situation was over as Park Hae-min headed to third base, so he threw an ‘Arirang ball’ to second baseman Jang Jun-won. Park Hae-min, who noticed Kang Baek-ho’s throw, confirmed the opponent’s loose relay play and boldly dug into the home plate, and KT had to concede a ridiculous point. It was also a goal that tied the score at 3-3.토스카지노

Kang Baek-ho was vigilant while defending, while Park Hae-min watched Kang Baek-ho’s every move until the end. Park Hae-min, who we met after the game, revealed the situation at the time, saying, “I thought it was okay for him to move if he saw a gap.” Park Hae-min sprinted toward the home plate as soon as he saw an opening. This scene did not remain as a mistake, but it was perhaps a more fatal play than a mistake.

In the end, KT had no choice but to be devastated as it gave up a 3-8 lead while allowing 6 runs in defense alone at the end of the 5th inning. In the end, KT had to accept defeat with a score of 5-9. There is hardly any sign of getting out of the bottom.

In the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held last March, Kang Baek-ho had to suffer criticism even though he scored a double as a pinch hitter in the first round match against Australia. Kang Baek-ho, who hit a double and fell off the base while celebrating, committed a bonehead play in which he was tagged out by the opposing second baseman. That was the starting point leading to the ‘Tokyo Disaster’. Baekho Kang lowered his head and even apologized to the fans, but even after two months, he was again disappointed with his play that forgot his professionalism.

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