The ‘surprise star’ who was selected for the national team with 19 regular season games and an outstanding performance in the post season fell into unexpected trouble. It was because I thought it would be difficult to go out in normal condition at the WBC (World Baseball Classic), which will be held in March, if I eat as usual. Even the coach of his team came forward and instructed him to go on a diet.

Yuki Udagawa (Orix) is a surprise star selected for the Japanese WBC national team. He started as a foster player and became an official player in July of last year, and recorded an average ERA of 0.81 with 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 holds in 19 games for the first team. In the Japanese Series, he appeared in 4 games and contributed to the team’s victory by fighting hard every day with 1 win, 2 holds, 10 strikeouts and no runs in 5⅔ innings.

Coach Hideki Kuriyama selected Udagawa for the WBC national team. He fell in love with the bold pitching he showed in the short game.

However, Udagawa is a player who has never greeted the opening in the first team. Last year, he was infected with Corona 19 at the camp and even self-quarantined. As a result, it seems that preparation for the WBC is not going the way I want.

Japan’s Sports Hochi said on the 8th, “Udagawa was banned from snacking. Currently, he is trying to lose weight over 100kg. The goal is to lose 4kg in February. A strict inspection system has been established for this purpose.” reported that

Udagawa, who is worried about not losing weight himself, increased the proportion of aerobic exercise such as cycling and running. Still, his weight is in place. He needed to manage his diet. The problem is that Udagawa is one of the biggest gluttons in Orix. From the time he first came to the first team, he became a hot topic as a glutton. 안전놀이터

So there are many eyes to see. One day, I stopped for a while at the dessert corner at one side of the restaurant, and director Satoshi Nakajima noticed. Seniors and trainers are closely watching Udagawa’s diet.

Still, the pitching sensation is returning. Adaptation to the official ball is also smooth. On the 7th, he made his fifth bullpen pitch after being called up to camp. He said to Udagawa, “You just need to stop worrying about unnecessary things and finish well.”

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