A batter’s follow-through can cause injury if it hits the head of the catcher sitting behind him.

Some batters often hit the catcher’s helmet or arm out of habit. In this case, it’s probably not intentional, but it does increase the risk of injury, and it often turns into an emotional fight.

This is what happened to Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith. The Dodgers were playing the Atlanta Braves at Truiste Park on April 23rd.

With Atlanta leading 4-3 in the bottom of the fourth inning, designated hitter Marcell Osuna led off. He lined out to left field. One at-bat later, Osuna’s follow-through bat smashed into the helmet of catcher Smith. Shocked, Smith got to his feet and started shouting something at Osuna, who was walking toward the dugout.

Osuna realized that his bat had hit Smith’s helmet. As Smith complained, Osuna approached him again and opened his arms in an apologetic gesture.

The two players then exchanged a few words. Ronald Acuna Jr. approached and escorted Osuna back to the dugout, during which Osuna made a series of facial expressions that suggested he was upset, even though he wasn’t.

At this point, players also came out of the outfield bullpens. The Dodgers’ pitchers stayed in the left field outfield and Atlanta’s in the right field outfield before returning to their respective spots once the situation was defused.

The two players met again in the sixth inning, with Osuna leading off. This time, they exchanged words for a few moments. They seemed to confirm each other’s positions. Nothing happened, and this time Osuna lined a single to right field.스포츠토토

As for why Smith was so sensitive, there was a story about a month ago.

Smith was placed on the 14-day disabled list last month. It was due to concussion symptoms.

Smith was tested for a concussion on an off day after feeling dizzy during a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants from Nov. 11-13, when he was hit by a number of foul balls. He was medically cleared, but the dizziness persisted, so he took two days off. When the symptoms didn’t improve on the third day, he was placed on the DL.

Smith returned to action on April 29, effectively missing two weeks. It’s understandable that he would be so sensitive to head irritation.

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