Korean infielder Park Hyo-joon (27) continued to change teams as he was nominated for transfer three times this winter. DFA, which stands for 40-person roster exclusion, means some kind of waiting for release. Players who have been DFA will transfer if they receive a claim from the team they want during the waiver period. If there is no team you want, your affiliation is transferred to the minor leagues or you become a free agent with complete release. 

On November 23 last year (hereafter Korean time), Park Hyo-joon, who received a DFA notice from the Pittsburgh Pirates, transferred to the Boston Red Sox, but was DFA again on December 14. Three days later, the Atlanta Braves took Park Hyo-Jun, but on December 29, he was DFA again. As the team he wanted did not come out, Park Hyo-joon moved to Atlanta’s Triple A Gwinnett Strippers on January 6th. He changed his status from major leaguer to minor leaguer. 

Some players moved more often than Park Hyo-jun. Lewin Diaz (27), a left-handed first baseman from the Dominican Republic, is the main character of misfortune. He has been through DFA 5 times in the last 6 weeks.  토토사이트

Diaz received a claim from Pittsburgh and moved to the team a week after being DFA from the Miami Marlins on November 16 last year. At the time, when Diaz was recruited, the player Pittsburgh organized as DFA was Park Hyo-jun. 

For Diaz, this was just the beginning. Diaz, who was DFA from Pittsburgh on December 1, transferred to the Baltimore Orioles two days later, but was DFA again on December 22. Then, two days later, he moved to Atlanta and became a team with Park Hyo-joon for a while, but after 5 days, he was released from DFA again and was put on standby. 

Then, the year changed, and on January 6, Baltimore called Diaz again. But this time, it didn’t last more than a week. Diaz was removed from the 40-man roster after Baltimore acquired Boston left-hander Darwin John Hernandez in a cash trade on the 12th. After another waiver period, Diaz’s future will be decided. 

In the last six weeks, Diaz has been notified of DFA five times as the team keeps changing from Miami→Pittsburgh→Baltimore→Atlanta→Baltimore. Two DFAs and claims repeated in Baltimore alone. Reporter Bob Nightingale of ‘USA Today Sports’ explained, ‘Diaz, who has been DFA 5 times in the past 6 weeks, seems to have set a new major league record,’ and explained that there is no other player who has changed teams so often in such a short period of time. 

After making his big league debut in Miami in 2020, Diaz played 112 games for three years, posting a batting average of 108.1, 58 hits, 13 homers, 27 RBIs, and an OPS of .567. It has long hitting power, but the accuracy is too low. Being at the end of the 40-man roster, he is easily abandoned. It is not a clear 40-man roster resource, but each team is constantly called for depth reinforcement. Attention is focusing on whether there will be a team that wants Diaz again this time, or whether he will be handed over to the Baltimore minor leagues.

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