Reporter Kim Dong-chan = The twin grandsons of Charles Cudi (86, USA), who won the 1971 Masters Golf Tournament, which is called a ‘great battle’, will compete side by side in the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

On the 22nd, the Golf Channel, an American golf media outlet, reported that twins born in 2000, Parker and Pearson Cudi, will compete in the Honda Classic, a PGA Tour event, this week.

Pearson participated as an invited player at the PGA Tour Honda Classic, which will be held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA from the 23rd, and Parker passed the Monday qualifying round.

Pearson, who is ranked 241st in the men’s golf world rankings, won one win each last year and this year on the Korn Ferry Tour, the second part of the PGA tour.

In addition, Parker is ranked 788th in the golf world rankings and has won the PGA Tour Canada last year, which is one grade below the Korn Ferry Tour.

Their grandfather is 1971 Masters winner Charles Cudi.

Charles won three PGA Tour victories, including the 1964 Dallas Open and the 1969 Cleveland Open, as well as two victories on the European Tour. He is also a strong player who has won 5 victories in his career on the senior tour. 스포츠토토

Charles’ son and father of twins, Kyle, also played golf, but never made it professionally.

Kyle played as a player in Asia, Canada, South Africa, etc., but on the PGA Tour, he challenged the qualifying school seven times and never passed it.

Kyle gave up his dream of advancing to the PGA Tour by playing with a ball that was not his own at the last PGA Tour Qualifying School challenge in 1996, when his father Charles took over as caddy.

Now, his twin brother Cudi is taking on the PGA Tour dream again for generations.

The most famous twin brothers in men’s golf these days are Denmark’s Rasmus Heuygor and Nikolai Heuygor.

They were born in 2001, a year younger than the Cudi brothers, but in 2021, they set a new record in men’s golf world rankings for the first time in the history of twin brothers placing their names in the top 100 side by side.

In addition, in the 2021 DP World Tour, the Hoigor brothers won once for two weeks in a row, which was the first time in the history of the DP World Tour that brothers won two consecutive weeks in a row.

Now, Rasmus is ranked 108th and Nikolai is ranked 130th, slightly down.

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