‘The best player, the best personality.’

British BBC Sports praised Son Heung-min’s brilliant struggles in the past 8 seasons through a long article immediately after his 100th goal in the English Premier League (EPL).

‘Son Sational’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham) took the lead in the 10th minute of the first half in the home game against Brighton in the English Premier League (EPL) round 30 held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 8th (Korean time), and Tottenham’s thrilling 2-1 led to victory After receiving a pass from Ivan Perisic, he pierced the net with his signature sharp right-footed kick in the Son Heung-min zone. This goal was a record that Son Heung-min achieved in eight seasons after changing to Tottenham from Leverkusen in August 2015. It marked his 100th goal, scored in his 260th match in the league. It was achieved 2757 days after his debut goal against Crystal Palace on 20 September 2015, becoming the first Asian player ever and the 14th non-English player to do so. Only 34 players, including Son Heung-min, have scored more than 100 goals in the long history of the EPL. Of his 100 goals, he scored 55 with his right foot and 41 with his left foot, and scored four goals with his head. The reason Son Heung-min’s 100th goal shines even more is the ‘purity’ of the record. The penalty kick was scored only 1 goal out of 100, and 99 goals were field goals achieved through their own struggles.스포츠토토

The BBC said on social media right after Son Heung-min’s 100th goal, ‘Son Heung-min is the first global superstar in Asian football. Now he has become the first Asian player to score 100 goals in the Premier League,’ he said, looking back at the footsteps of Son Heung-min’s 100th goal with the introduction of ‘his journey to be recorded in the history books’. Colleagues Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko, etc. ‘s praise relay was introduced.

Former teammate and best friend Moussa Sissoko told the BBC of Son Heung-Min, “He always likes to laugh and talk to people. He tries to motivate everyone. If the locker room atmosphere is down for any reason, he always has a laugh. bring it back,” he said. He said, “It’s so important to have a player like Sonny in those tough moments after training or post-match. Sonny is that kind of player. He’s the best man, the best player, the best human being. No matter who you ask, the same answer will come back.”

Defender Harry Winks, who is on loan at Sampdoria, also emphasized the power of secret efforts that led Son Heung-min to the top. “As we all know, the Premier League takes quite a bit of time to adapt, because physically it’s a lot tougher,” he said. It’s all thanks to his hard work on the pitch.”

Sissoko also expressed respect for Son Heung-min’s sweat. “He is always the first to arrive at the training ground and very focused on his work. He goes to his gym and finishes his work before meeting the squad,” he hinted. “He tries to improve himself, the player next to him and the team. You can see it during the game, but he is always full of energy. He is always a winner and always has that aspiration.”

Winks expressed absolute trust, saying, “No matter what the score is, you just have to give Son Heung-min a chance once.” “In front of the goal, he is sharp with both his left and right feet. Son Heung-min’s technical ability and finishing are really excellent,” he continued to praise. “He is an amazing dribbler. His speed with the ball, his precise control, his touch are all perfect. As you can see from his 70m solo dribble wonder goal against Burnley (winning the Puskas Award), there are many players who are fast without the ball, but even with the ball. There are very few players as fast as he is.”

Until the 100th goal, Son Heung-min and Harry Kane’s so-called ‘Son-Ke Duo’ breathing was dazzling. They scored 43 goals together in the league, more than any other duo in EPL history.

About this, Sissoko said, “They’ve been together for seven years. They know each other very well. They’ve been training together for a long time and have been trying to understand each other, which makes the game easier. Sonny knows what Harry thinks. I know it well, and so does Harry. It is the reason why the eyes breathe.”

The BBC said, ‘Kane has traditionally garnered more praise than Son Heung-min as a home ground hero and England captain. Son Heung-min, who has always been highly regarded by his teammates and coaches, was sometimes underestimated by the public, but everyone paid attention to his performance as the top scorer (golden boot) last season.’ In the following interview, Winks recalled the moment Son Heung-min ascended to the Golden Boot. “Away to Norwich we were dominating the game. We created a lot of chances and a lot of players scored here and there but we all wanted Sonny to score. Seeing how happy everyone was celebrating after Son Heung-Min scored. You’ll see. He deserves it, because he’s such an excellent player.”

The BBC added, “Son Heung-min scored a whopping 18 goals out of 23 goals in the second half of the season.” “His stamina and composure shined even more in the second half of the game, attacking the tired defense and creating several important scenes.” . In this regard, Winks said, “The finish has become sharper and more ruthless.” “The most important thing for Son Heung-min is goals and assists. I’m never satisfied. It’s because of that elite mentality.”

The BBC quoted Sissoko’s comment as ‘determination is another keyword that defines Son Heung-min’. “Son Heung-min was not in the best condition at the beginning of this season, and you could tell from his expression that he was not happy, but he is a person who never gives up,” Sissoko emphasized. He said, “I got frustrated when I sat on the bench against Leicester City, but I came on as a second-half substitute and scored a hat-trick. To be able to do that, you have to have a bold personality and have a strong mind.”

The media said, “Son Heung-min’s attitude, combined with his outstanding professional spirit and ability, has raised him to the top.” Some players may miss other people or other parts of their lives because of their commitment to success, but Son Heung-min is pleasant and thoughtful. With his deep personality, he is very popular at Tottenham.” He wrote that it was ‘more than world class talent that his teammates admired most’.

In this regard, Winks said, “Before playing football, I think first of all how nice and truly great he is. He is always very funny, full of energy. He enjoys jokes. He treats everyone the same, whether he is from youth or a newly signed freshman. Thanks to him. Everyone is welcomed and feels at home. That’s why he is the most influential person.” “What Son Heung-min has done at Tottenham is fantastic and he will definitely remain a hero and a legend at this club,” he said. “Every player knows how great he is, but sometimes he doesn’t seem to get the recognition he deserves out there.”

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