New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, who has been sidelined with a right big toe injury, may need more time to return.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone told The Associated Press that Jersey received a second autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection before the team’s game against the Boston Red Sox on Sunday.

Judge injured his right big toe on June 4 against the Los Angeles Dodgers when he collided with the outfield fence while fielding in right field.

He has since received one PRP injection, and this is his second. It’s not a good situation.

“I’m still feeling pain from the other ligaments I injured,” Boone said, explaining the reasoning behind the second injection. “I’m not going to do any baseball-related activities for the next 48 hours, but it’s getting better,” he added.

PRP injections are a therapeutic modality that can help treat ligament injuries. It’s often used by pitchers with elbow ligament injuries to avoid Tommy John surgery.

“Any time you injure a ligament, it’s going to take time to heal,” says Boone. PRP injections help speed that up,” Boone said, adding that he hopes the injections will help.

When asked if there was a chance Jersey could return before the All-Star break, Boone said, “I think it’s possible. He could be back in a week, he could be back in four days. I just have to get to the point where I’m moving my body and doing baseball-related activities.”스포츠토토

He’s not giving a timetable for his return. notes that the team is being cautious, pointing to his wrist injury in 2018, when he was expected to return in three weeks and didn’t return until mid-September.

Aaron Judge, the American League MVP last season, is batting .291 with a .404 on-base percentage, .674 slugging percentage, 19 home runs and 40 RBIs in 49 games this season.

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