Jeonnam Dragons are laughing at the effect of ‘Indonesia Express’ Asnawi (24).

On the 27th, Jeonnam officially announced the signing of Indonesian national team defender Asnawi. Asnawi, who was selected for the A national team at the age of 17 in 2017 and whose ability was recognized enough to set the record for Indonesia’s youngest national team, entered the K-League through Ansan Greeners in the winter of 2020 under the recommendation of coach Shin Tae-yong. He alternated between wing forward and wing back, recording 2 goals and 3 assists in 40 games over two seasons. In Indonesia, such as the last Mitsubishi Cup, he went back and forth between the age group representative and the A representative, gradually increasing the weight in the team.

Based on this performance, Asnawi was also linked to K League 1 teams. Among them, Jeonnam was active. Jeonnam was at the bottom last season. Coach Lee, who tried to change to an aggressive soccer, went out to find a player who would solidify his soccer throughout the winter. He added Kang Min-soo, Ha-nam and Valdivia, and looked for a player who would strengthen the right flank, which had no resources other than Kim Soo-beom. Asunawi, whose strengths are fast speed and refreshing breakthrough, is on the list. Asnawi was also active in going to Jeonnam, which matched his aggressive football.

Jeonnam, which added the club’s first Southeast Asian quota, is already enjoying the ‘Asunawi effect’. The number of official social media followers of the club, which was only 12,000, increased to 69,000 in three days (as of 11:00 am on the 29th). It jumped more than 5 times. Asnawi is Indonesia’s ‘special star’, called ‘Indonesia’s Park Ji-sung’. The number of SNS followers reaches 1.86 million. He has the most social media followers in the K-League. Asnawi’s former team, Ansan Greeners, enjoyed the ‘Asnawi effect’. Ansan, with Asnawi at the forefront, boasted the second largest number of followers (143,000) among 25 clubs, beating the big clubs in the K-League. 메이저놀이터

Jeonnam, which newly embraces Asnawi, is aiming for the second beneficiary after Ansan. Asnawi-related posts received 30 to 60 times more ‘likes’ than usual. An official from Jeonnam said, “The first thing Minister Lee wanted, but it is true that he expected such a marketing effect.” Jeonnam held a ‘Multicultural Family Day’ event last year, and I heard that there were about 12,000 Southeast Asian workers living in Gwangyang and Yeosu at the time. In addition, POSCO, the parent company, is operating the Krakatau steel mill in Indonesia. I expected various effects besides the performance, and I embraced Asunawi, but it is already ‘awesome’.

Jeonnam is planning various events using Asnawi. An official from Jeonnam said, “We are planning home game brand days using global companies based in Indonesia. I know that several companies have already participated in Ansan. We plan to increase the value of the club.” He continued, “If Asnawi shows a good figure, the synergy will grow even more.”

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