Tom Brady (46) is ranked first as the best quarterback in American professional football (NFL) history. Having won seven Super Bowl victories and five Super Bowl MVPs, he competed fiercely with outstanding quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers, and Drew Brees, and shone the brightest.

Brady retired at the end of this season. Now, people’s attention is focused on whether Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes (28), who is enjoying his heyday, will open his era wide beyond Brady.

The 57th Super Bowl between Kansas City and Philadelphia Eagles, which will be held on the 13th at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, USA, is a stage where attention is focused on whether Mahomes will show his true value. ||||
Mahomes is currently considered the most valuable player in the NFL. Mahomes, who joined Kansas City with the 10th pick in the first round of the 2017 draft, made a splendid appearance in 2018, his first full-time season, recording 5000 passing yards and 50 passing touchdowns in a single season. It was the second record on record since Manning in 2013. He led the team to an American Football Conference (AFC) championship and was named MVP after the season. In 2019, despite suffering a fatal knee injury in the middle of the season, he returned within three weeks and took the team to the playoffs as the AFC No. 2 seed, as well as taking Kansas City to the top in the 54th Super Bowl held in February of the following year for the first time in 50 years. He was also voted the Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes is likely to win the regular league MVP award as he ranks first in both passing yards (5250) and passing touchdowns (41) in the regular league this season.

Mahomes showed off his extraordinary sports talent by playing football, baseball, and basketball at the same time in high school. He inherited the genes of his father, Pat Mahomes, who played 11 years in the major leagues. In his 12th grade, his senior year, he recorded 4619 passing yards and 50 passing touchdowns in football, and in baseball, as a pitcher, he threw a 95 mph fastball and produced a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts. After graduating from high school, he went to Texas Tech and devoted himself entirely to football, where he soon developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the collegiate league.

Mahomes is considered to have almost everything a quarterback needs. His sturdy body of 190 cm · 104 kg, strong shoulders and athletic ability are also excellent. His talent as a pitcher has been replaced by accurate passing ability and is shining. In particular, the accuracy of the pass thrown while running is unmatched. In addition, his feet are fast, so it is not easy for the opposing defenders to block them.

Mahomes, who has been in his 6th year of debut and 5th year of full-time, is far ahead in terms of regular league records compared to Brady’s first 5 full-time seasons. However, there is no comparison in terms of the number of Super Bowl wins, which is the dream of every football player. Brady won three Super Bowls in his first five full-time seasons, and was named Super Bowl MVP twice. On the other hand, Mahomes is the only one who won the championship and MVP at the same time in the 54th Super Bowl. In particular, it’s a shame that Mahomes met Brady in a big match after his debut and lost them all. Mahomes faced Brady a total of two times in the postseason. In the 2019 AFC Championship, he met Brady’s New England Patriots and lost 31-37. 스포츠토토

If Mahomes is to surpass Brady, he must make a name for himself on a big stage like the Super Bowl. That is why the 57th Super Bowl is so important.

Both Kansas City and Philadelphia are teams that boast hot offense. In scoring this year, Kansas City led the overall with 496 points, followed by Philadelphia with 477 points. Just as Mahomes commands Kansas City’s offense, Philadelphia also has a field commander, Jaylen Hertz (25), a rookie quarterback who is in his third year with the team this year. Hertz, who is showing explosive growth every season, led Philadelphia to the Super Bowl by merging with the league’s strongest offensive line, including running back Miles Sanders, wide receiver AJ Brown, Dibonta Smith, and tight end Dallas Godult. Especially in the postseason, he is showing perfect performance without committing a single turnover.

There are many other elements that draw attention in this Super Bowl. Kansas City manager Andy Reed is one of the best managers in the NFL right now. He first started his managerial career in 1999, and the team he was in charge of at that time was Philadelphia. He spent 13 years in Philadelphia until 2012, then moved to Kansas City the following year, where he is now. On the other hand, Philadelphia manager Nick Siriani started his first professional coaching career as a coach in Kansas City in 2009. When Reed took over as manager of Kansas City in 2013, he immediately moved to the San Diego Chargers (now LA Chargers) and then to Indianapolis. After working for the Colts, he became the manager of Philadelphia in 2021 and became the first professional team manager. In addition, center Jason Kelsey (36), who is one of the pillars of Philadelphia’s offense, and Travis Kelsey (34) of Kansas City, who is considered the best current tight end, will compete against each other in this Super Bowl. Older brother Jason won 52 Super Bowls and younger brother Travis won 54 Super Bowls.

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