Opening of the 28th LG Ship Chosun Ilbo Gwangjeon Gonjiamseo

On Sunday evening, the 28th, the Konjiam Resort Convention Hall in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. Twenty-four “Go ghosts” representing various countries entered one by one. It was the first day of the 28-year-old LG Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon. Nervousness and anticipation were mixed in the expressions of the tycoons who dominate the world of go.

It was a scene that hadn’t been seen every year since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world for more than three years. For four years after the final between Shin Shin-seo and Park Jung-hwan at the 24th edition in 2019, LG Sailing had to rely solely on online methods. After four years of being stranded in their home countries, they returned to their face-to-face selves. Gone are the masks that covered their faces.

Twenty-four drivers participated in the opening ceremony, including 12 from South Korea, eight from China, three from Japan, and one from Taiwan. Among them, four Korean players, Park Shin-seo, Byun Sang-il, Shin Min-jun, three Chinese players, Ding Hao Yang Dingxin, and Shibano of Japan, will be exempted from the first round and go directly to the second round (31st), where the 16 best players will compete. The eight first-round winners will be drawn again to determine their opponents. The decision was made to avoid compatriot matches as much as possible and make the event more interesting to watch.

The draw for the eight round-of-24 matches of the first round on Monday has been made. Korea’s fifth-ranked Kim Myung-hoon (26) will face China’s Wang Xinghao (19), the youngest competitor in the tournament, while seventh-ranked Ahn Sung-joon (32) will battle Japan’s Xu Zhaian (26) for the right to pass through the first gate. The youngest of the Korean drivers, Park Sang-jin (22), will face China’s Gu Zhihao (25).스포츠토토

The knights who advanced directly to the round of 16 were interviewed in public. When asked by the moderator who he would like to play the first game against, Park Park-hwan (30) replied, “Curze, my teammate from the Chinese League.” “Looking at the Chinese roster, there are so many strong players that it’s hard to distinguish between the round of 16 and the final,” Shin said. We’ll focus on the first game (Round of 16) first.” Defending champion Ding Hao, 23, said, “It’s great to be back face-to-face after four years. Thank you to the organizers.”

The first-round matchups are as follows

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