The ligaments are said to be attached well.”

Jeonju KCC Heo Ung suffered a right ankle injury in the 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball 5th round match against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 9th. He was severely injured to the point of tearing two ligaments, and as a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with 8 weeks. 슬롯사이트

Heoung said that his physical condition was so bad that he could not walk properly. However, at the hospital on the 17th, he received a result that the ligament was well attached.

A KCC official said, “I heard that the ligaments are well attached and there is no big problem with the instability that I was worried about. I haven’t been able to walk well in the meantime, but now I think I’m starting to walk slowly. It’s time to start rehab,” he explained.

Heo Woong was not free from an ankle injury after his professional debut. He has suffered from a left ankle injury for a long time during his past Wonju DB days.

A KCC official said, “During the treatment this time, I also checked my left ankle, which I had previously injured. He said he is fine now.”

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