After the controversy over pardons such as match-fixing masters,
‘the board of directors is silent’, former players and executives resigned, but other vice-presidents and board members also
‘collectively resigned’ amid concerns over ‘cutting the tail’ except for the core

The aftermath of the sudden pardon and withdrawal of the Korea Football Association (KFA) for match-fixing offenders eventually led to the resignation of all board members. 

Lee Young-pyo, KFA Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk, and Social Contribution Committee Chairman Cho Won-hee announced their intention to resign at the same time through social media (SNS) on the night of the 3rd. 카지노

In a statement, Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo said, “I take responsibility for not preventing the passage of the board of directors related to the disciplinary pardon and resign from the position of vice chairman.” He apologized for not fulfilling his role as KFA vice president and for failing to fulfill his responsibilities where he should be.”

Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk and Chairman Cho Won-hee, who were appointed in February, resigned after two months. Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk said, “I feel responsible for not stopping him by confidently telling him about his experience as a Gyeonggi-doer.” Chairman Cho also expressed his intention to resign, saying, “As one of the people on the board of directors at the time, I sincerely apologize for hurting the fans.”

It is reported that they did not express their objections or concerns at the board of directors meeting on the 28th of last month, when pardons for 100 soccer players who were being disciplined for match-fixing were discussed. 

The resignation of Lee Young-pyo, Lee Dong-guk, and Cho Won-hee as directors became a big issue until the afternoon of the 4th. Eventually, on the afternoon of the 4th, KFA officially announced that “the association’s vice-presidents and all board members expressed their intention to resign en masse” and “will submit an official resignation letter soon.” According to the Articles of Incorporation, if an executive submits a resignation letter, it is regarded as resignation regardless of whether or not it is accepted.

Park Kyung-hoon, executive director of KFA, said, “As the executive director in charge of the association’s practical administration, I felt deeply responsible for the current situation and deeply regretted it.” Both the vice-chairman and the board of directors felt a great responsibility and reaffirmed that they had regrets, and all agreed to the resignation.”

This controversy leaves regret in every process. 

KFA held a board of directors meeting on the 28th of last month and pardoned 100 soccer players, including former and incumbent players, coaches, referees, and team executives, who were being disciplined for various misconduct for self-congratulation on the Qatar World Cup round of 16, harmony in the soccer world, and a fresh start. It was announced that it had been decided. It was right before the A-match evaluation match against Uruguay was held. Forty-eight of those who were pardoned were those who had been expelled for match-fixing in professional football.

This amnesty case was suddenly presented as an agenda to the board of directors without a process of collecting opinions from all walks of life. In a tight situation with the game against Uruguay starting an hour later, the agenda was passed as it was with the majority of the board members remaining silent. 

Immediately after the announcement, the headwind of public opinion raged fiercely, and it was revealed that the KFA’s amnesty-related regulations were not in the KFA’s top institution, the Korea Sports Council, and further controversy arose.  

As the controversy intensified, the KFA held an extraordinary board meeting on the 31st of last month, three days after the announcement, and completely withdrew the pardon decision. After reading the apology, Chairman Chung Mong-gyu hurriedly left without answering reporters’ questions, causing another ‘disconnection’ controversy.

Then, on the 3rd, three directors who could not stand the deteriorating public opinion announced their intention to voluntarily resign. Then, the next day, all members of the board of directors except for the chairman were announced to resign. 

A KFA official said on the 4th, “Although the decision was made to collectively resign the board members, we plan to come up with measures as soon as possible to prevent an administrative vacuum from occurring.”

With the aftermath raging, there is also interest in how KFA will finish the case. Will we be able to reveal and record the details of the controversy due to the sudden amnesty? How will we fix the incomplete regulations related to disciplinary relief? All parts are still unknown. 

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