The KIA Tigers set up a spring camp in Arizona, USA. The atmosphere is ripe from the beginning.

Veterans stood at the forefront. Senior players, including Choi Hyung-woo (40), volunteered for night training. Training fatigue inevitably increases at the point where jet lag adaptation is not completely completed. For veterans who are physically inferior to younger players, rest time is like gold. However, KIA veterans are in an atmosphere that focuses on raising their bodies as quickly as possible rather than resting. 토토사이트

KIA plans to focus on improving its physical condition in the early stages of the Arizona camp, and in the second half, it plans to check its sense of practice through a schedule of practice matches with the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team and NC Dinos, who are training nearby. In a situation where the curtain of competition has risen early, it is just as important to raise the condition quickly, but for players who have joined the camp after a long off-season, the first turn of the camp, which does not have enough training time or intensity, may loosen the tension somewhat. In the midst of this, as veterans come to the fore, the atmosphere at KIA’s camp seems to be heating up early.

After entering the coaching system of Kim Jong-guk last year, KIA put ‘Team First’ on the front. In the midst of goodwill competition between seniors and juniors, he did not neglect communication, created a team atmosphere, and at the same time focused on his dedication to the team, such as active base play. In this keynote, the atmosphere of the KIA team quickly changed. At the dugout, they warmed up the atmosphere with exciting ceremonies such as tiger masks and gyaru pieces. During the victory, Suhun wore a cape with a tiger’s face on it and stood in front of the fans with a large speaker in the form of a suitcase to cheer them up. The players themselves said, “The atmosphere in the locker room and dugout has changed a lot.” The fact that KIA was able to break through the last-minute competition last year and climb to fall baseball was also a part of the strength of the changed atmosphere of the team.

Through this camp, KIA has to solve various puzzles such as the main catcher, corner infield, one spot in the outfield, and bullpen composition. If there is no clear verification, time will inevitably be delayed, and the season design will inevitably be affected. The camp atmosphere ripening early is a good thing that can alleviate the worries of coach Kim and KIA coaches.

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