“It felt a bit like coming to a university MT.”, “The rules were different from other tournaments, so I was able to match up with new team members, and it was very fresh and fun.”

The 1st Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament with Gapyeong-gun (hereafter referred to as the Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament), held at the Cheongpyeong Lakeside Culture and Sports Center in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, for two days on the 17th and 18th ended with great success.

24 teams from all over the country participated in this two-day 3×3 basketball festival, hosted and supervised by Bounce Entertainment and the Gapyeong-gun Basketball Association, Bauer Pint, Korea Basketball Association, Masteruk, Steez, Molten, Gapyeong Nongsan, Bounce Entertainment, and F45 Seongsu. , PPY, Sports Center, Q1 Easy Tillion, Yul Film, Hansol Remicon, Choi Yoon-chan (individual), Han Young-tae (individual), etc.

Korea 3×3 entered the winter break last October after the FIBA ​​3×3 Sacheon Challenger 2022 and the KXO Hoengseong Tour, and the players of each team had to rely on their own training as there were no tournaments to speak of. In that sense, the Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament was a good opportunity to check my condition ahead of the new season.

Due to the rules of the competition, which limited the number of players from each team to one, it was eventful, but it was a welcome tournament in that the players could check their skills through a long-awaited official match.

Moreover, unlike other national 3×3 basketball competitions, this competition was conceived as a team-customized competition with thorough consideration for the participating players. For example, Bounce Entertainment, which hosted the tournament, succeeded in being certified as an official tournament by FIBA, and as a result, FIBA ​​points were given to participating players.

It was also granted the 6th highest level among the 11 levels of the FIBA ​​3×3 competition. Level 5 is also a higher level than the national 3×3 basketball tournaments representing Korea, such as the Korea Tour (Level 3) and KXO (Level 2), so players who could not accumulate FIBA ​​3×3 points because there were no tournaments to speak of during the winter period can earn points. It was a great opportunity to build.

For the teams who had to move from Seoul as well as the provinces to find Gapyeong-gun, the organizers’ consideration was a measure that could instill a good perception that ‘the organizers are for the team, and we will visit Gapyeong again next year and the year after.’

Park Eun-seo, who participated as 1EYE Hui-dong, said, “In fact, since we love 3×3, it was a great regret that the 3×3 competition was not held in winter, but I think it was a good competition to relieve that regret a little bit. Also, the rules are different from other competitions. It was different and I was able to get along with the new team members, and it was very fresh and fun.” 토토

Jung Seong-jo, who teamed up with Park Min-soo and Jeon Sang-yong and participated in the Bauer pint, also said, “It feels a bit like coming to a university MT (laughs). Although we didn’t win the championship because we fell in the quarterfinals, (Park) Min-soo hyung and (former) Sang-yong hyung, the same team as before. It was different and nice to be able to work with the hyungs who hadn’t played before,” he said. “I personally felt what I lacked in this tournament. He talked about what he gained from this competition.

Despite the bad conditions given by the bitter cold wave in December, participating teams from all over the country finished the two-day 3×3 basketball festival in a good mood.

An official of the tournament said, “It was the first competition, so there were trial and error, but we hope to be with more teams in the future as a more substantial competition.” , and the Gapyeong-gun Basketball Association, so that we can continue to hold tournaments in Gapyeong next year and the year after that, we will make efforts and develop.”