The KIA Tigers returned to the upward trend with two consecutive victories. The three foreigners talked happily while looking at the rainy ground.

The match between KIA Tigers and Samsung Lions scheduled to be held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 18th was canceled due to rain. The drizzling rain from the morning turned into thick raindrops around 3:00 p.m., soaking the ground. A large tarp was laid, but puddles of water began to form all over the ground. At 4:30 p.m., match supervisor Park Jong-hun decided to cancel the match.

The KIA team, who arrived at the stadium early, seemed to be enjoying their long-awaited leisure by doing reinforcement exercises in the dugout and locker room, or talking to each other, even after the cancellation decision was made.

Anderson, Medina, and Socrates, KIA’s foreign players, sat in the dugout and chatted while watching the rain fall on the ground. Anderson said “nice” as Jimin Choi approached and gave him a thumbs up. Socrates also praised Choi Ji-min for securing victory for two days in a row by holding Choi’s hand tightly.스포츠토토

In the atmosphere of laughter and chatter, pitching coach Jung Myeong-won called out in a loud voice, “Come here to Medina.” Coach Jeong ordered Medina to exert herself, saying, “Are you confident? Talk to me clearly. (On the mound) If you feel like your tail is about to come down, quit now.” Medina replied, “I’m confident,” with a relaxed posture, and coach Jung encouraged her with a smile, saying, “I’ll try to believe in you.”

Coach Jeong explained to Anderson and Medina that the pitching schedule will be postponed by one day due to the cancellation of rain. Lee Eui-ri informed me that Friday, Medina will pitch on Saturday, Sunday will be Hyeon-jong Yang, and Anderson will pitch next Tuesday.

Socrates, who happened to be there, suddenly asked, “What about me?” After hesitating for a while, Coach Jung made Socrates laugh with a clear answer, “You come out every day and hit hits. If you don’t, I’ll get scolded.”

This is the scenery of KIA Dugout, where laughter blooms despite the cancellation of rain. KIA moves to Gwangju when it’s bright, takes a good rest, and plays three weekend matches against Kiwoom.

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