Korea Expressway Corporation Jeong Dae-young (42) is showing off his unchanging presence on and off the court.

Jung Dae-young is the oldest player in the V-League. He joined Hyundai Engineering & Construction in 1999, before his professional start, and leaped to become the best middle blocker (center) in Korea. He’s 18 years since then, plus 24 years since his days on the unemployment team. Jung Dae-young is now a veteran with both skills and experience.

He may not be the same as in his prime when he commanded the league in the past, but his presence remains the same. He still has his skills. Jung Dae-young is ranked 13th in the 2022-2023 season and 3rd in blocking. Among them, blocking is 0.728 per set, right after the top middle blockers in the league, Han Su-ji (GS Caltex, 0.744) and Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C, 0.736).

They always show up when the team needs them. In the home game against Hyundai E&C on the 24th, he took the lead in escaping the team’s losing streak with 13 points (69.23%), the most in an individual game this season. In addition to blocking, he also succeeded in digging 9 times, and he also stood out as a killer in defense. The road construction regained its third place. Now, the only thing left is to continue the hope of ‘Spring Volleyball’. 카지노

A golden pagoda was also erected. Jeong Dae-young broke through 5500 points (5502 points) in his personal career. It is the third all-time in the V-League women’s division after Yang Hyo-jin (6861 points) and Hwang Yeon-ju (5726 points, Hyundai E&C). In the men’s division, only Park Cheol-woo (Korea Electric Power Corporation, 6565 points) holds this record.

Jeong Dae-young also thinks of her juniors who will succeed her. We also look forward to the growth of Lee Ye-dam and Lim Ju-eun as road construction companies. In her broadcast interview, Jung Dae-young said, “I also have a lot of worries. I think it would be nice if (Lee) Yedam and his juniors came up quickly,” he said. “When it’s hard because of my bad knees, I think, ‘I have to stop now’, but it is fun and enjoyable to be on the court. You never know when it will be the last. Every game counts,” she revealed.

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