Son Heung-min has a lot of particularly good memories against Crystal Palace.

Tottenham Hotspur will face Palace in the 35th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 6th at 11:00 pm (Korean time).

There is no more time to delay. Tottenham, who is going through a difficult time this season, has been eliminated from all cup competitions and has been confirmed to be irrelevant, and it is difficult to even obtain a ticket to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), which is the minimum remaining goal. They are 9 points short of ‘fourth place’ Manchester United with one more game played. The current ranking is 7th, and with the current flow, it is impossible to guarantee advancement to the European competition.

The recent atmosphere is also not good. They haven’t won a single win in 4 league matches. In the last game against Newcastle United, he accepted a humiliating 1-6 score and sent acting manager Christian Stellini away. In the match against Manchester United and Liverpool, he showed a persistent pursuit, but did not produce meaningful results.

Tottenham now have four games left. In order not to receive the label of ‘the worst slump’, you need to collect as many victory points as possible in the remaining games.

However, Palace is a formidable opponent. It has been competitive in the league for a long time, and this season it is still in the middle of the league with 11th place. They are picking up the pace towards the end of the season, winning 4 wins in the last 6 league matches.스포츠토토

The person Tottenham should trust the most in the match against Palace is Son Heung-min. Because he has so many good memories. The game where Son Heung-min scored his EPL debut goal was also against Palace, and the first official EPL goal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was also scored by Son Heung-min against Palace. He has played 14 matches in his career and his overall performance is good enough to record 7 goals and 2 assists.

Tottenham expressed their expectations for Son Heung-min through the official website. They said, “Son Heung-min scored memorable goals against Palace, including his first EPL goal and historic first goal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.” Then, he picked 4 scoring scenes. As expected, his EPL debut goal and the first goal at the stadium were included, and the 2016-17 season and 2019-20 season matchups were selected together.

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