Which player will show the hottest goal ceremony this Lunar New Year? From the dawn of the holiday season, players playing on the European stage are playing one after another. Son Heung-min’s game awaits on the last day. Can he count on scoring?

This is reporter Jeong Jae-woo.


The Taegeuk warriors returned to their respective fields after the World Cup in Qatar.

Today (21st), the first day of the holiday, kick-off starts in Germany.

The German Bundesliga took a break of two months after the World Cup, and Mainz’s Lee Jae-sung and Freiburg’s Jung Woo-young each play away matches tonight to announce the start of the league.

Kim Min-jae and Hwang Hee-chan will be on the ground tomorrow, and Hwang In-beom and Hwang Ui-jo of Greece’s Olympiacos will be on Monday.

Hwang Hee-chan, who returned to his team after the World Cup, is active in defense with exquisite passes and throws.

After the arrival of manager Lope Tegui, he started four consecutive matches in the league and established himself as a starting player.

It is Son Heung-min who decorates the last day of the holiday, the 24th.

He played 18 games this season and scored only 4 goals.

After the last game, in which he scored four goals in the second half and played a disappointing game, foreign media poured out sharp criticism, saying, “30-year-old Son Heung-min has entered a period of decline.”

He confessed that he too felt pressured by the heightened expectations after becoming the top scorer.

Even at the beginning of the league, Son Heung-min was sluggish, failing to score a goal in six consecutive matches. 헤라카지노

But his performance against Fulham last time was the turning point.

The goal was canceled due to offside, and the ball bounced off the goal post, but he was praised for “showing everything except scoring” in his body movements by knocking on the goal several times.

Like the game that washed away the sluggishness this time, I am looking forward to seeing if I can regain my senses and deliver the news of the holiday goal.

At dawn on the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday, Son Heung-min plays an away game against Fulham.

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