Suspicions and speculations about Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur) continue to pour in. The top scorer of the previous season, where his form fell sharply. It’s a perfect situation to criticize someone. 

Transfer rumors are no surprise now. As if the media or influential football figures are competing, if analysis or opinion is revealed by persuasion, several stories will be reproduced among football fans. It is hard to find the position of players and clubs. 

There are many claims that a replacement player for Son Heung-min is needed. Certain players are also named. Recently, one media came to mind Leicester City Harvey Barnes. Striker Harry Kane is in desperate need of a championship to remain, and newly recruited Richarlison and Arnaud Danjuma are not as prominent as expected. 

In this situation, it even came out that Son Heung-min was ignored by his teammates. A media (Football London) reporter (Alasdair Gold) reported on social media (SNS) how Tottenham defender Eric Dyer yelled at Son Heung-min. On the 15th (Korean time), it was a 0-1 defeat in the first leg of the round of 16 of the 2022-23 European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League against AC Milan. Son Heung-min lost the ball, and Dyer broke the opponent’s counterattack with a slide. Afterwards, it is said that he shouted to Son Heung-min, ‘You shouldn’t do that’. The media fancast shared this news and mentioned Son Heung-min’s poor scoring ability this season. As if to support Dyer’s reaction. 

Arguments and conflicts between colleagues are natural. It is accepted differently depending on how it is illuminated and highlighted. From a domestic fan’s point of view, it would be disapproving to see Dyer, who can’t even do his duty (defense), press Son Heung-min. He has shown disrespect to Son Heung-min before. However, the media is cold to Son Heung-min, who performed sluggishly against AC Milan. He also pinched the ball 13 times. 

If Son Heung-min continued to play an active role last season, there would have been more interpretations in favor of him or not. It is Son Heung-min who digested the tournament without being able to focus on injury treatment for Korea’s World Cup (2022 Qatar). It’s not that his performance has declined solely because of the aftereffects of the injury, but it must have had a big impact. He gave Korean football fans a hot December, but he himself is walking on a thorny road in his team. 

Son Heung-min was less influential than the 2021-22 season even when evaluated objectively. He loses his persuasiveness even when he sees that the team’s tactics don’t match and that he has the aftermath of an injury (a facial fracture). He points out that although goals and assists are often popping up, attack points should come out more consistently. 

Son Heung-min will play round 24 of the 2022-23 Premier League at 1:30 am on the 20th. The opponent is West Ham. It is an opponent in the relegation zone, but the performance was bad enough to only 1 win (3 draws and 1 loss) in 5 games, and coach Conte is also away to recover from surgery, so it is difficult to predict the result.  바카라사이트

Son Heung-min only scored 4 league goals this season. Even so, the number of matches is two. One game (against Leicester City in the 8th round) was a hat trick. The last goal in the league was against Crystal Palace on the 5th of last month. This means that there are ups and downs in the game. 

However, the fact that he has scored 99 goals in his Premier League career and is on the verge of reaching triple digits is likely to work positively. Son Heung-min showed a strong appearance by recording 7 goals and 7 assists in 16 matches against West Ham in his career. 

Will Son Heung-min be able to sort out the tumultuous reactions around him? Against West Ham, we need a different look.

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