Kim Seon-hyeong ranked 7th in the total number of steals.

In a home game against Changwon LG on the 1st, Seoul SK failed to maintain a 17-point advantage of 33-16 in the middle of the second quarter and lost 72-75.

Kim Sun-hyung scored 20 points that day, but committed 8 mistakes. The 8 errors is the personal record. The previous record was 7 errors made on 3 occasions. 메이저놀이터

In the midst of this, Kim Seon-hyung added 2 steals and recorded 746 steals in the regular league, surpassing Park Ji-hyun’s 745 steals and taking the 7th place.

Kim Seon-hyung currently has 6760 points (15th place), 1530 rebounds (56th place) and 2385 assists (8th place) in 509 games.

Currently, Joo Hee-jung has an unrivaled 1505 steels in first place, and Yang Dong-geun is second with 981 steels. The 6th place, right above Kim Seon-hyung, is Lim Jae-hyeon with 839 points.

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