The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency won a valuable victory.

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency won 66-65 in the Group B qualifying match against Hyundai Motor Company in the Wilson Cup 2022-2023 Assist Worker Basketball League held at the Tancheon Gymnasium in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th. With this victory, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency climbed to second place alone in Group B with 3 wins and 1 loss.

The match was an important match for both teams. Prior to the game, three teams from Group B, including both teams to IBK Industrial Bank, were tied with 2 wins and 1 loss, so the immediate win could be directly linked to the semifinal tournament.

In such a fierce game, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency succeeded in harvesting like gold with Lee Jae-in’s final free throw. Here, Kim Min-woo played a big role in overcoming the close match by driving 23 points alone.

As the game was of great importance, the battle between the two teams was fierce from the first quarter. While no one was able to easily get ahead, it was Hyundai Motor Company Lee Ha-jun’s quick attack that tipped the pendulum at least. The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency also counterattacked Kim Nam-i, but Lee Ha-jun even made a 3-point shot to keep Hyundai Motors’ lead.

Both teams were on the offensive, and in the first quarter, Hyundai Motors, which had an advantage on the outskirts, took a 22-17 lead.

Entering the second quarter, Hyundai Motors ran away, and the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency continued to pursue them relentlessly. In the meantime, it was also Hyundai Motor Company that tilted the pendulum once again in the second half of the quarter.

Hyundai Motor Company, which blocked the pursuit of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, made a double-digit score difference for the first time on the day, 38-27, as Hong Joon-young joined the attack. However, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency was not far behind. Won Joseph cut off the flow of the opponent running away, and at the end of the quarter, Kim Rang-song finished the quick attack after stealing, and the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency finished the first half with a successful chase to 33-38.

In the end, even in the second half, there was no moment that could easily predict the end of the game. In the middle of the third quarter, the game was 40-40, and the two teams started a seesaw game in which they took the lead and lost it.

If Hyundai Motor Company was ahead in defense, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency saw the game with firepower on the outskirts.

The 4th quarter began with the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency succeeding in a 54-53 turn around. The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, which had been busy chasing, showed a slight run away with Lee Jae-in and Kim Min-woo’s 3-point shot. 카지노

However, as they tried to get closer to victory, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency faced a crisis when Joseph Won, who was guarding the bottom of the goal with about 4 minutes left in the game, was sent off for 5 fouls. Hyundai Motors did not miss this gap and started to chase again, and Park Seung-ryun succeeded in making a tie with one minute left in the game.

A single goal decides the outcome. Unfortunately, the fingertips of both teams quickly cooled at an important match, and among them, Lee Jae-in, who emerged as a hero, was Lee Jae-in, who won a free throw due to an opponent’s foul. Lee Jae-in succeeded in one of two free throws, and Hyundai Motors lost the last chance to attack, and the game was divided with a single point.

On the other hand, Kim Nam-yi, who played an active role with a double-double (11 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks) in securing a valuable one win, was also selected as the BANANO MVP.

After the match, Kim Nam-yi said, “This match only had 7 members due to work.

He looked back on the game, saying, “Because the ranking battle is fierce, I thought today was the last game. I tried to talk more with my teammates on the court because the conditions for practicing every weekend were not good.”

Kim Nam-i became a pillar of the team even more reliably after Joseph Won, who was guarding the net with him, was sent off for 5 fouls in the middle of the 4th quarter. In response, he said, “It was unfortunate that we made more mistakes than our opponent. Fortunately, the opposing team didn’t make many under-the-goal attacks, so the defensive burden was reduced, but our team’s mistakes seemed to be more worrying.”

Lastly, Kim Nam-yi cheered on the team members, saying, “Personally, I can’t participate in the last qualifying match because of work. Our team originally had more than 20 members, and as the last match is important, I hope many of them participate and reap the beauty of the end.” told

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