If you could, you’d want to turn back the clock and start the second half. SSG Landers can’t seem to untangle the tangled threads.

SSG has slipped to fifth place. SSG drew 8-8 in 12 extra innings against the KT Wiz in Suwon on the 9th. On the same day, the KIA Tigers won both games of a doubleheader, pushing SSG down to fifth place and moving up to fourth. While fifth place is only a close second in terms of winning percentage, it’s a big shock for SSG.

After leading in the first half, SSG finished the first half in second place. They were the overall winners last year and were looking to repeat this year, but now they have to change their strategy. The team’s win percentage slipped in the second half and they now have to worry about making the top five.

Overall, it’s a total disaster, as it is for any team that can’t get it together. Mistakes are being made in crucial situations, and balls that are well placed are often not hit. They fail to capitalize on their chances and give up easy runs to their opponents. The bullpen has been fatigued lately, and the hitters have been going through slumps.

But the biggest problem is the starting staff. This week, SSG went with a starting rotation of Kirk McCarty, Kim Kwang-hyun, Ronny Elias, Moon Seung-won, and Oh Won-seok. As the bullpen became overloaded, they even called up Jong-hoon Park from the second team for long relief, but he didn’t get a single start. In fact, only Elias (1 run in 6 innings against Hanwha on July 7) lasted more than 5 innings, and the rest of the pitchers didn’t even make it to 4 innings.

This naturally led to bullpen overload. With nearly every game being close, it seemed like every day was a must-win game. However, in five games this week, the team has only one win.

The game against KT on the 9th represents SSG’s recent trend. Won-seok Oh gave up two runs in the first inning, making it difficult for the SSG bats to put together a “big inning” with five runs in the third. However, the joy was short-lived, as Oh Won-seok faltered again in the bottom of the third inning, giving up a whopping four runs and falling behind by five runs in one inning. A series of defensive errors did not help Oh Won-seok at all.

After losing momentum, SSG went silent, and in the fifth inning, they added another run. They miraculously scored three runs in the seventh inning to tie the game at 8-8, but that was all they could muster. After that, their chances to win were wasted, either voluntarily or unintentionally, and they lost the game in a tie until the 12th inning.

The result was too much to bear. SSG turned to their bullpen in the fourth inning after Oh Won-seok gave up six runs (three earned) on 85 pitches in three innings. Lee Kun-wook threw a whopping 55 pitches in two innings, and the third pitcher, Lee I-roon, threw 32 pitches in two innings. With the exception of Ko Hyo-joon (13 pitches), Noh Kyung-eun (35 pitches in 2⅓ innings) and Seo Jin-yong (33 pitches in 2 innings) all pitched more than two innings and threw more than 30 pitches, but the ending was no laughing matter.

With the team in crisis, the SSG coaching staff was hoping for a resurgence from their starters, but the returns have been mutually unsatisfactory. SSG hasn’t recorded a starting win in nine consecutive games since August 30 against the Incheon Kiwoom Heroes (McCarty win). The team has only one win in that span, but it’s the first indication of how difficult they’ve been playing lately.먹튀검증

The problem is that there is no alternative. Realistically, SSG’s starting rotation and batting order are its best members. There are virtually no alternatives in the secondary. The starting rotation has also seen Moon Seung-won move from the starting rotation to the bullpen and back to the starting rotation, and Park Jong-hoon, who was sent down to the second team due to illness, was called up again. Another traffic jam here would only cause more chaos.

There are still 27 games to go. Judging from their recent games, it’s a swamp they’re trying to climb out of, but the harder they try, the deeper they fall.

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