Shin Jin-seo (23, photo) won the 41st Go King Match, setting the record for the first 4 consecutive losses in this tournament. In the final match held at KBS Studio on the 26th, he beat Park Jeong-hwan (30) with a bag in 5 and a half.

Shin Jin-seo increased the number of victories to 29, sticking to 7 crowns (3 international, 4 domestic). The match between Shin Jin-seo, the first in the domestic rankings, and Park Jung-hwan, the second, was 33-23. 토토사이트

The score of the title final confrontation between the two also changed to 7 wins and 4 losses based on Shin Jin-seo. In this tournament, which was held as an eight-person invitational tournament, Shin Jin-seo defeated Won Seong-jin and Byeon Sang-il to reach the final. 20 million won prize money.

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