Deoksu High School right-handed pitcher Shim Jun-seok (18), a super high school level talent, is approaching a major league contract. Three major league clubs discussed specific terms of the contract, and it was confirmed that the largest of the two final offers was over $1 million including options.

An official familiar with major league circumstances told MK Sports on the 13th, “Shim Jun-seok’s major league contract is imminent. The size of the contract is known to exceed $1 million in total including options.”

Previously, many media outlets, including the American sports media outlet The Athletic, predicted a high possibility of Shim Jun-seok going to Pittsburgh. The Athletic said on the 12th (Korean time), “It seems that the Pittsburgh Pirates will sign a contract with Shim Jun-seok, who is regarded as the best prospect from Korea. Shim Jun-seok was designated as the first overall candidate for the KBO League draft,” he explained.

Shim Jun-seok, who had already thrown a 157km fastball while still in high school, was likely to be the first overall pick if he had participated in the 2023 KBO League rookie draft. However, ahead of the rookie draft, he finally chose to challenge the US Major League.

And Shim Jun-seok immediately drew keen attention, being introduced as an international prospect through the American media. In fact, it was confirmed that a total of 12 major league teams showed interest in Shim Jun-seok, who signed a contract with Boras Corporation, a famous American sports agency, last year. In the end, three clubs discussed the contract in detail with Shim Jun-seok’s agency.

An official familiar with major league circumstances said, “The three clubs seriously discussed contracts with Shim Jun-seok, and in the end, I know that two clubs made a sizable final offer.” “One of the two clubs that made the final offer. is Pittsburgh,” he said.

Unless additional offers come out within a few days, it is very likely that Shim Jun-seok’s final destination will be one of the two major league clubs, including Pittsburgh. According to officials familiar with major league circumstances, it has been confirmed that the contract is also imminent.

The contract is likely to be completed after the 15th, local time in the US. Shim Jun-seok, an amateur player under the age of 25, will receive a down payment within the scope of the international bonus signing pool according to the Korea-US Players Agreement. Therefore, it is highly likely that the contract will be announced after the 15th when the bonus signing pool of each major league club is initialized. 토토사이트

It is very likely that the total amount of the contract, which was also the key to Shim Jun-seok’s contract, will be a little over 1 million dollars. According to the results of interviewing various officials, it was confirmed that the total contract size of Shim Jun-seok did not reach the level of Bae Ji-hwan ($1.25 million, Pittsburgh) in 2018, but exceeded $ 1 million including options.

In addition to the size of the contract, Bora Corporation carefully checked the value of the club, the player’s growth plan, future support direction and plans, and living conditions, carefully selected multiple clubs, and finally received offers from two clubs. Despite some domestically cold evaluations, the player’s side proved their ability and skill once again by drawing out a contract of the standard point ($ 1 million) that was set at the time of entering the overseas market.

Unless there are special variables, Shim Jun-seok is expected to move to the United States in the near future and conclude a contract with Boras Corporation. The birth of another American player has entered the countdown.

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