This is the story of Shim Jae-hak, the new KIA general manager, in his later years as a player. When baseball wasn’t going well, he took a fly swatter and headed to the playground.

It was because of the belief that the feeling of the lupus of the fly swatter was helpful for batting training.

Shim Jae-hak, who was a star player in his own right, is the general manager. By the time he came out with the fly swatter, he was at the top of the team. It was very embarrassing for such a player to practice swinging with a small fly swatter.

However, Shim Jae-hak, a ‘baseball man’, was different. As long as I could play baseball well, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

The actual fly swatter training was of considerable help to ‘player’ Jae-Hak Shim. The swing training I did with the fly swatter helped me and I used to get out of the slump.

Even after that, “player” Jae-hak Shim did not let go of the fly swatter. He repeated swing training with a fly swatter at any time and place.

Like this, ‘baseball man’ Shim Jae-hak was a person who did not know shame. He was a highly motivated player who could pick up and wield anything as long as it helped him in baseball.

Again, it is not easy for a high-level player to come out with a fly swatter just because he has fallen into a slump.

He couldn’t help but care about the stares around him, and he was even less sure that it would work.

However, Shim Jae-hak, the ‘player’, thought he was helped by the fly swatter training, and although it was funny, he did not let go of the fly swatter.

Shim Jae-hak is now the ‘leader’, but it doesn’t seem that much has changed.

Just as he did swing training with a fly swatter, which he was ashamed of as a star player, he is a baseball player who can do anything for KIA to win as a general manager.

It is still unknown which card Shim will pull out this time.

Director Shim also said, “This is the first time we are redecorating, so everything is still blank.”

What is clear, however, is that Shim has the belief that he can do anything for the team without shame.

Like when he was shy and caught a fly swatter when he was a player, there is a very high possibility that he will try without hesitation if it is for KIA.

From KIA’s point of view, a very strong new leader has been created.

KIA now wants a new leadership. Since the former leader resigned due to corruption, we need a fairer and more upright leader than ever before. And a general manager who can dedicate himself to the team is essential.

If you are a leader who can dedicate yourself to the team without knowing anything else, it can be said that it is the right choice. It is because if he had the passion that he sweated in a corner of the playground with a fly swatter as a player, he could become a leader who works hard for the team without shame even as a general manager.스포츠토토

Besides, he is a college senior and junior with a one-year difference from director Kim Jong-guk. It became a relationship where we could talk more openly. He is a person who is not at all ashamed to listen to the voice of the field from his juniors. This is the part that makes us expect that the site and the front desk can maintain a more intimate relationship and see synergy effects.

He is the leader of Shim Jae-hak, who was not shy about fly swatter training. He could do even more for the team. KAI has been able to pick a good leader and make a fresh start.

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