It wasn’t just natural talent that made Elling Hollan (23, Manchester City), the ‘scoring monster’ who conquered the league with overwhelming scoring power as soon as he debuted in the English Premier League. He always told himself he could do better, but he was also studying other players to improve in many ways. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed the secret behind Halan’s fearsome performance.

The Daily Mail, a British mass media, said on the 5th (Korean time), ‘Coach Guardiola has been studying and watching Tottenham Harry Kane’s game in order for Haalan to develop himself further’. It’s a scary story. This is because it means that ‘scoring monster’ Hollan is diligently trying to improve. 안전놀이터

Haalan was recruited by Manchester City ahead of this season through tough competition. It was worth it. Haaland almost confirmed the league’s top scorer in his debut season. The season is not over yet, but he has already scored 25 league goals. He has 9 goals more than second place Kane (16 goals). He also recorded ‘three consecutive hat-tricks’ for the first time in the EPL. He is aiming to break the record for the most goals and most hat tricks of all time.

However, despite this terrifying record, Hollan is studying and watching other players’ games to improve further. This is the ‘scary secret’ revealed by Guardiola ahead of the away game against Tottenham on the 6th. “One of the characteristics of Halan that surprised me the most was how he recognized that he could be better in many ways,” Guardiola said.

One of the targets is Tottenham’s ace Kane. Manchester City have attempted to sign Kane. However, he failed to meet the £150 million offered by Tottenham. Even though he couldn’t catch Kane, he didn’t seem to regret it much because he brought Holland.

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