“there are many problems.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by coach Kim Sang-woo, lost to Hyundai Capital in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League men’s division held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium on the 15th with a set score of 1-3 and fell into a three-game losing streak. In addition, the inferiority of the V-Classic match for 5 consecutive seasons was confirmed.

Kim Jeong-ho scored 20 points, Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Ikbairi) 16 points, and Shin Shin-ho 15 points, and the triangular formation performed well. They also had a 10-6 advantage on serve. However, as the attack was blocked at every critical moment, the score gap could not be narrowed.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who lost three consecutive seasons, was still at the bottom of the league. 카지노

After the game, coach Kim Sang-woo said, “Receive was shaken at an important moment. If the receive is shaken, you have to return it from the side, but that didn’t work.”

Coach Kim continued, “Ikbairi also paid attention to warming up before the game, but in the end, it seems that he lacks skills. The sluggishness at the beginning of the game is something that needs to be addressed, but it is not going well.”

After the match, head coach Kim Sang-woo held referee Choi Seong-kwon and assistant referee Choi Jae-hyo and strongly protested. What part did he protest against?

The part that director Kim Sang-woo protested is as follows. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance led the game 18-17 in the 4th set, and referee Choi Seong-kwon made the first decision that Shin Shin-ho’s attack hit the opponent’s blocker’s hand. However, when the Hyundai Capital bench and players strongly protested, the referee declared a video review at his discretion. Afterwards, it was judged as a no-touch, and it was recognized as Hyundai Capital’s score, not Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s score.

Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “The referee’s first touchout signal came out. Afterwards, the players strongly protested, and I don’t understand the part where the video was read at the discretion of the referee. It is said that it was a mistake by the referee, but we are in a position to live and die at one point. there are many problems. I don’t know why I can’t judge like that,” he raised his voice.

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