Outfielder Brian Reynolds (28), who became the first player in Pittsburgh Pirates’ history to sign a $100 million contract, shared his feelings.

At a press conference held at PNC Park, the home stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 27th (Korean time), Reynolds shared his feelings about the 8-year contract that was formalized that day.

Having agreed to an 8-year, $106.75 million contract, he confessed that he was still conscious of the contract issue, saying, “I focused on the game every time I entered the field, but this problem remained in a corner of my mind.”

The process of renewing his contract was not smooth. Negotiations raged last winter to the point where he asked for a trade. Even before the start of the season, negotiations were suspended due to disagreements over the opt-out clause.

In the end, the result was a ‘happy ending’. He became the first player in Pirates history to be guaranteed a contract worth over $100 million.

“I am very happy that the situation has been resolved this way,” he said. Now we are sitting here talking about the future.”

During the negotiation process, he had a direct conversation with Bob Nutting, the owner, and said, “We were able to share our current situation together throughout the entire process. Most importantly, it confirmed that both sides ultimately have the same aspirations.”스포츠토토

The ‘same aspiration’ should make Pittsburgh a winning team again. He said that he wants to be with this team for a long time, saying, “I’ve seen what we’ve been doing since last spring, talented players joining the team, and young talent continuing to come into the team and creating a unique team culture.”

Reynolds, who was traded by Pittsburgh in January 2018 in exchange for Andrew McCutchen to the San Francisco Giants, debuted in the big leagues in 2019 and recorded a batting average of 0.282, an on-base percentage of 0.359, and a slugging percentage of 0.484 in 515 games over five years. In 2021 he was voted an All-Star.

He, who was guaranteed a contract until 2030 with this contract, said, “I will still be the same Brian. I will play hard and do what I can,” he said, revealing his determination.

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