After every game, the uniform becomes muddy. Samsung Lions outfielder Kim Seong-yoon, who has emerged as a new vitality in ‘Lions Park’, is the main character.

Kim Seong-yoon, who joined in the 2nd 4th round in 2017 with the 39th rank, debuted in the first team in the first year of his joining and made his name known to Samsung fans early, but he did not have many opportunities to participate. He is a player who was only a backup agent until last year. For six years from 2017, he has never had a single season in which he had more than 100 at-bats in the first team.

Kim Seong-yoon has completely changed this season. With an OPS of 0.803, 2 homers, 17 RBIs, 2 home runs, 48 ​​hits in 77 games, 147 at-bats, he is gradually expanding his position with his performance beyond expectations.

Narrowing the range to the second half, Kim Seong-yoon is 25 games, 78 at bats, 33 hits, batting average 0.423, 2 homers, 10 RBIs, OPS 1.004, following teammate Ja-Wook Koo (0.436), and is running second in batting average in the entire league in the second half.

In particular, Kim Seong-yoon showed off a hot hitting feeling to the extent that he performed multi-hits in all but one game in six consecutive home matches against the LG Twins and KIA Tigers last week. In particular, on the first day of the series against LG on the 15th, he went to base with a surprise bunt from 1st and 2nd base safely, driving opponent starter Adam Plutko hard, and then stepped on the home plate when Ryu Ji-hyeok hit at the right time, contributing to the team’s 6-5 come-from-behind victory. Including this day, in 5 games where they hit, they always scored RBIs or scored to help the team, and thanks to Kim Seong-yoon’s performance, the team ended the week with two consecutive winning series.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man, who is giving Kim Seong-yoon many opportunities, said, “I hit a home run the day before (16th), but Kim Seong-yoon’s advantage is contact,” when a reporter asked a question about Kim Seong-yoon ahead of the LG match on the 17th. . 

Director Park continued, “Quick work is another advantage of Kim Seong-yoon. At first, there was no part that made an infield hit with a ground ball or a hit with a surprise bunt to shake the opponent after contact. As I went along, I couldn’t make use of those advantages,” Kim Seong-yoon looked back on when he was sluggish.먹튀검증

He said, “I think Kim Seong-yoon felt his own strengths as he continued to play. During contact, if he felt that he was a pitcher with the right timing, he would boldly go out (with a bat) from the first pitch.” It’s a good stadium, and the players have some power, so I think I’m feeling the strength in that part.”

According to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), ‘height 163 cm’ Kim Seong-yoon is the shortest player in the league. However, like the story of coach Park Jin-man, he is a player who can threaten and shake opponents at any time. The team and the player himself are smiling at his performance, which is showing his potential.

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