Behind Qatar’s aggressive moves was the royal family.

The British ‘Times’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “The Qatari royal family will directly become a member and make an official bid for Manchester United within a week.”

Recently, capital investment toward PL clubs has been in earnest. Following Newcastle being backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, Chelsea, which was acquired by American capital, showed a wide move in the transfer market.

In addition, additional capital dreaming of entering the PL is waiting. In particular, in the case of Manchester United, specific transfer negotiation targets are emerging. The Qatari sovereign wealth fund is stepping up to a consortium led by Britain’s richest man, Sir Jim Radcliffe.

In the case of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, it acquired Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of French Ligue 1 and is operating it. In this situation, what is the reason to spend a huge amount of money on the acquisition of Man United? 온라인바카라

Previously, the global ‘The Athletic’ introduced, “Qatar’s King Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani himself decided that they should advance to the world’s most popular football league, the PL. This led to the entry into the PL in earnest.”

The Qatari royal family’s takeover of Manchester United is of particular interest because the king directly proceeds with it. “Sooner or later, a member of Qatar’s royal family will step up and make an official offer to Manchester United,” the Times explained.

In the end, unlike the previous PSG operation, the royal family, led by the King of Qatar, directly takes over and directs the takeover of Manchester United. It is noteworthy how far PSG’s move, which dreams of an oil soccer empire following the World Cup, can continue.

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