After a long wait, the Phoenix Suns (hereafter Phoenix) finally got Kevin Durant (34).

According to The Athletic’s reporter Shams Canary, Phoenix traded for Durant on the afternoon of the 9th.

Phoenix will receive Durant and TJ Warren from Brooklyn. And to Brooklyn, Mikal Bridges, Cam Jones, Jay Crowder, 23, 25, 27, 29 1st round unprotected nominations and 2028 1st round picks with exchange rights inserted.

This was all of Phoenix’s assets except Devin Booker, who was untouchable. The reason why Phoenix bet on Durant so far is that it needed someone to relieve the offensive burden of backcourt resources leading to Paul-Booker. In the end, Phoenix succeeded in attaching Durant, the best scorer in the current game, to the two players.

Previously, Phoenix showed a steady interest in Durant from this offseason. In particular, reporter Jujon Gambador, a reporter inside Phoenix, posted an article confirming the recruitment of Durant. Suddenly, however, Durant resolved the conflict after meeting with the owner, Chung Shin-chai, and continued the season as it was. For Phoenix, in an instant, he became a dog staring at the roof where he was chasing chickens.

Since then, Phoenix has appeared everywhere where trade rumors appear.

First, internally, they put Jay Crowder on the trade block, who was offended that he had given up the starting job to Cam Jones. And he pricked several teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets, but failed to reap any tangible results. In response, Phoenix openly stated that it was looking for a forward resource that could post up, and it included Bojan Bogdanovic of the Decroit Pistons, OG Anunobi of the Toronto Raptors, Louis Hachimura of the Los Angeles Lakers (then Washington Wizards), Kyle Kuzma and Charlotte of Washington. They targeted the Hornets’ Jaylen McDaniels and Kelly Oubre Jr.

Phoenix didn’t stop there, but it also targeted the hottest items in the trade market in turn, such as backcourt resources Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. However, the trade never took place. Thus, Phoenix remained the only NBA team not to have another team’s draft rights. When the situation became like this, local fans, including the Phoenix local media, pointed out the incompetence of the Phoenix club.

However, Phoenix also had excuses.

After resigning from owner Robert Saber, who had been raised for various reasons, such as the ‘controversy over power abuse’, they devoted all their energy to the process of appointing a new club. Finally, it succeeded in welcoming Matt Isbia, the second largest mortgage company in the US, as the owner. 온라인바카라

The new Phoenix owner wanted to expand his influence within the club from day one. So he wanted to bring a meaningful deal to the Phoenix team, and he ended up signing Durant.

Meanwhile, with this trade, Phoenix has built a powerful lineup leading to Paul-Booker-Durant-Warren-Deandre Ayton. As a result, Phoenix added a new sun named Durant in the Paul-Booker era and re-dreamed of the grand goal of winning.

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