Carlos Correa finally passed after three moves.

According to the New York Post’s John Heyman, the Minnesota Twins said Correa passed a physical exam conducted by the club on the 11th (local time). Correa previously agreed to a six-year, $200 million contract with Minnesota.

Also, Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic said that Minnesota would hold a press conference this afternoon and officially confirm the contract with Correa.

With this, Correa went around and wore the Minnesota uniform again.

Correa signed a three-year contract with Minnesota ahead of the 2022 season, but opted out after the season and came out on the free agent market.

On December 14 last year, Correa agreed to a ‘megaton level’ contract with the San Francisco Giants for 13 years and $350 million.

However, San Francisco delayed the final contract, citing a diagnosis that the area Correa had undergone surgery eight years ago would not last 13 years as a result of a physical examination.

Accordingly, Correa agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with the New York Mets without looking back.

However, after the physical examination, the Mets also had similar results to San Francisco, so they delayed signing the final contract and renegotiated with Coream. 토토사이트

The Mets were reportedly frustrated with Correa’s unwillingness to back down from the terms of the previous contract.

In response, the Minnesota Twins approached Correa’s side.

Minnesota offered Correa $285 million over 10 years after the 2022 season.

In the end, Correa signed a six-year, $200 million contract with Minnesota.

In less than a month, 13 years were cut in half to 6 years, and $350 million to $200 million.

The total amount Correa could get from Minnesota over 10 years is $270 million. That’s $15 million less than the total Minnesota had originally proposed.

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