What commentator Oh Jae-won overlooked is that he is a baseball player, not an ordinary person.

After his retirement, Oh Jae-won, a member of SPOTV, who is active as a rookie commentator, gave an interview to the baseball field. It was because he resolutely shot his senior, Park Chan-ho, one of the ‘legends’ of Korean baseball.

Commissioner Oh, through a video interview with a male magazine, revealed his thoughts about working as a commentator, and out of nowhere, he brought up the story of Park Chan-ho. The main reason for the criticism was that he hated Park Chan-ho so much, and that he made fools of many players while working as a commentator at international competitions.

In other words, when Park Chan-ho, a baseball senior, does not represent the players’ position and speaks bitterly, the players may be stigmatized in a bad way.

But the eyes of the fans are not good. Rather than representing the position of the players, it is because he believes that he made a sudden sniper remark because of a bad relationship with him. Oh Jae-won had an incident with Park Chan-ho when he played for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games baseball team. When Park Chan-ho played in the Hanwha Eagles uniform, he played against Oh Jae-won, who was a member of the Doosan Bears. During his commentary, Oh Jae-won made a remark that gave off the nuance of this issue as he entered the plate, and when it became controversial, he corrected his remarks ahead of the final and expressed his apology.

It was a situation where Oh Jae-won could be angry enough. It was because Park Chan-ho’s words made him almost become the person who committed ‘fraud’ at bat. And if it had not been for Park Chan-ho’s sincere apology for him, it is understandable that Oh Jae-won could have had a bad heart even after a long time has passed.

However, this interview was rushed. It was premised that he was now retired and became a general, so he could freely express his opinion. Oh Jae-won is not a player, but he is a commentator for a broadcasting company where many people watch baseball broadcasts. I mean he’s a baseball player. By his words and actions, he should have known that the baseball world could be very reeling. He really does a job outside of baseball, and it wouldn’t have gotten this big had he been interviewing or swearing about the past. Also, even if it was a male media rather than a baseball media, I should have been more careful in these days when a word spreads across the country and around the world in an instant.

And he can display chagrin even if he’s a baseball player. However, he went too far with his remarks, such as saying that he did not know how to express his gratitude by mentioning the people with his anger. He was too emotional for the logic that all people should think badly of anyone he sees badly. And if you were going to fight logically, you should have mentioned the cases of players who suffered damage because of Park Chan-ho in more detail. For example, Park Chan-ho, who criticized Kang Baek-ho (KT) for chewing gum in the dugout during the Tokyo Olympics, may have upset the player himself, but will the public have resentment over his criticism?스포츠토토

Commissioner Oh was one of the players who often got into gossip for his fiery words and actions during his active career. However, he turned into a commentator and was receiving favorable reviews. Other veteran commentators also drew attention for their commentary from the player’s perspective, which is not easily accessible. He explained in detail the situation of the operation, and when an error occurred, the explanation of why the player made such a play was really novel. However, I am worried that the image that I built well with this random interview will collapse at once. If you wanted to criticize stereotypical commentary, you had to stop there. If you wanted to receive an apology from Park Chan-ho, or if you wanted to unravel the core, you should have chosen a different method. It became an act of self-cutting the image he so emphasized.

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