It was August 4 last year. The Lions met the Bears in Jamsil. The head coach of the away team is novice. This is the second match with the acting (coach) armband. I haven’t even had a win yet.

thank god. This day is off to a good start. 6-0 is solved smoothly. Then it was defense in the 5th inning. At 1 company 1 base, Park Se-hyuk was treated as a ground ball to 1 base. First baseman (Oh Jae-il) → shortstop (Oh Seon-jin) → pitcher (Won Tae-in). It’s called a reverse double play.

Convinced that the inning is over, Won Tae-in clenched his fist. As soon as he tries to withdraw to the dugout. The first baseman (Na Kwang-nam) took a step. It’s a safe signal. The defense side jumps up. ‘What are you talking about?’ Immediately send a rescue request to the bench. It is an SOS to request a video review.

The novice agent who received the report will stop the game. And he radiates charisma toward the referee. Cast ‘Candy in My Ear’ with a solemn expression. In an instant, the ground freezes. Was it too engrossing? I wish it were. no. Something is wrong.

The away team dugout gets busy. ‘That’s MADE IN USA.’ In a hurry, it informs you of Korean-made movements. The party also realizes that. ‘Oops, I watched the major leagues too much… .’ Draw a finger square again. Bread bursts here and there.

anyway. The referee puts on a headset. The reading result came out in 10 seconds. The out was not overturned. keep the centrifugal Still, victory did not change. Final score 9-2. It was the day Park Jin-man won his first win.

Video readings are sometimes crucial. It can also be a trick that changes the game. The Daegu game on August 12 last year was like that. This is when the battle for middle rank is fierce. The away team, the Tigers, was in shaky 5th place. The home team is down to ninth place, but hope still remains.

The Yang Hyeon-jong-Won Tae-in confrontation was surprisingly a striking match. KIA, which was lagging behind, operates a solid bullpen. It is a fierce chase in the second half. The 7-4 score narrowed down to the bottom of the chin (7-6) at some point. And the last attack in the 9th inning. Choi Hyeong-woo, the leader, scored a hit on Stone Buddha. Grand runner Kim Do-young creates an unusual atmosphere.

Continued 1st out and 2nd base. this time it’s a substitute Go Jong-wook appeared with fierce eyes. 4th pitch in the count 2-1. The 134 km slider drops low inside. It was a ball if you just let it go. But the batter got caught. The bat barely catches up. It was a bit tricky, but the batting ball was pretty good. It was a hit that landed in the middle left.

The home crowd screams. Runner on second base, Kim Do-yeong, is aiming for the home field. Given the course of the hits or the runs of the runners, the results are optimistic. The head of the end is also a face of dismay. The left fielder (Jose Pirella) threw a ball with all his might. But the umpire opens his arms. It is a safe declaration. tied 7-7. The away team dugout was turned over. 먹튀검증

right at that moment. A dumpling manager with a cold expression appears. thank god. This time it’s not ‘candy in my ears’. Draw an accurate square. It is a request for reconsideration. The replay screen of KBS N Sports appears on the billboard. First, the camera angle is ambiguous. Played again from a different angle. A subtle difference was revealed. At the same time, cheers erupt in Lions Park. Two minutes passed in careful checking. result out. The centrifuge was overturned. This is the moment when Samsung’s victory is confirmed.

During the regular season (2022), video review was requested 856 times. Among them, the centrifuge was changed in 220 (25.7%). In one case out of four, the decision was overturned. Since its introduction in 2017, it has been on a downward trend. Of course, this is a positive sign.

◎ Reversal rate by year of video reading

▶ 2017 = 31.2%

▶ 2018 = 29.2%

▶ 2019 = 27.9%

▶ 2020 = 27.3%

▶ 2021 = 27.5%

▶ 2022 = 25.7%

By team, Samsung has the most. Director Park has a big stake here. Since taking over as acting agent on August 1, he has requested 35 requests and obtained approval 16 times. That’s a whopping 45.71%. It is three times higher than the lowest LG (director Ryu Ji-hyun).

Of course, the video review is not decided by the director alone. In many cases, it depends on the feelings of the players involved, the advice of the coaching staff, and the game situation. However, it is the ruling party to the end. His keen eye and judgment work as important factors. I see it as a product of rich experience and sense during active service.

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