What kind of club will Carlos Correa, who is unintentionally attracting a lot of attention in this Stove League, be the destination of ‘FA (Free Agent) Biggest Word’? With the current atmosphere, the possibility of a reunion with the Minnesota Twins is very high.

Correa is dominating this Stove League. Prior to the 2021 season, Correa signed a three-year, $105.3 million (approximately 131.6 billion won) large contract with the Minnesota Twins. However, Correa, who wanted a higher ransom, headed back to the free agent market through ‘opt-out’ after one season.

Minnesota, which originally hoped to accompany Correa, offered the club’s largest contract ever. However, from Correa’s point of view, Minnesota’s proposal did not touch much. And last year, Correa agreed to a 13-year, 350 million dollar (approximately 437.5 billion won) ‘Jackpot’ contract with the San Francisco Giants, and seemed to break the highest ransom price for a major league infielder.

However, an unexpected variable occurred. That’s why Correa failed the San Francisco medical test. In the end, San Francisco decided to cancel the event just three hours before Correa’s induction ceremony. This was lightning-fast news for both San Francisco and Correa.

After Correa’s trip to San Francisco fell through, his agent, Scott Boras, got busy. Boras tried to contact Minnesota, ‘Correa’s family’, but it did not lead to a reunion. Afterwards, Boras contacted ‘billionaire’ Steve Cohen, owner of the New York Mets, who was on vacation.

Boras’ choice was rightly hit. Correa agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with the Mets less than a day after the ceremony was canceled. However, even this agreement did not lead to a formal contract in the end. Like the reason why the trip to San Francisco was canceled, it was because a medical problem was discovered.

The Mets are hoping to adjust the size of the contract to embrace Correa, but it has been sluggish. Recently, ‘MLB.com’ quoted a source and reported that “the Mets are considering giving up the contract with Correa,” and that “Corea has been in contact with at least one or two non-Mets clubs again.” Under these circumstances, Correa’s chances of reuniting with Minnesota are rapidly increasing.

On the 10th 토토사이트, the US’The Athletic’ said, “The possibility of a reunion between Correa and Minnesota is surprisingly increasing. “Talks between Correa and Minnesota are starting to accelerate,” the two sources said.

Correa and Minnesota are moving quickly into conversations. However, considering the fact that the contract could not be stamped after the two agreements had already been reached, nothing can be guaranteed. ‘The Athletic’ explained that “negotiations are fluid” and that “the Mets are not excluded from the match for Correa.”

Minnesota previously rejected an offer of $280 million over 10 years (approximately 349.4 billion won), but is actively moving to recruit Correa. The media added, “According to sources, Minnesota is in constant contact with Boras. If negotiations with the Mets break down, this could be a potential landing point. Minnesota is very interested in Correa.”

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