“I didn’t have to worry about it, so I just threw it out. Then I figured out how to do it.”

Lotte Giants’ Seo Jun-won (23) has had an exceptionally long winter this year. On November 30 last year, he was dispatched to Australia’s professional baseball team, Geelong Korea, and immediately joined Guam’s spring camp. He has not been able to come to Korea for over two months and has been living in a foreign country. He had no time to waste the winter because now was the time to show off.

Nearly half of the Lotte Spring Camp personnel joined the advance team, and Seo Jun-won also came to Guam from Australia around the same time. The player whose face was tanned the most was Seo Jun-won. Of course, I can’t help but feel distressed at this time, and I want to go back to Korea and see his family. However, he said, “I can never go back now. It means that if I go to Korea, it will be a big problem. I have to finish all the spring camps before going.”

Currently, Seo Jun-won is concentrating on conditioning and relieving the fatigue he threw in Australia. He only plays catch ball and he is scheduled to start pitching the bullpen from the 3rd turn of camp. 

What did the dispatch to Geelong Korea mean to Seo Jun-won? He said, “In fact, at first, I had a strong thought that I had to come back without getting hurt. So I tried to save myself. But when I actually threw the game, I didn’t want to lose, I wanted to get good grades, and I wanted to throw well. That’s the only thing I can gain,” he said. While playing, I found my condition quickly, and I think my stamina has improved more than I thought as I threw the game.”

It was a dispatch to Geelong Korea that was an extension of the change and correction that continued from the finishing camp. He said, “I thought it was important to refine my control power delicately from the finish camp to make the command good,” he said.

He threw a two-seam and changeup toward the right-handed hitter, and threw a backdoor-like curveball at the left-handed hitter. He faced Australian hitters with a pitching pattern that had never been thrown before. I doubt myself, but the result was successful anyway. He said, “It was a pattern I had never thrown before, but it worked so well in Australia. But now that I know how to throw, I think I need to learn it quickly so that I can use it in Korea. I want to throw it against Korean hitters as soon as possible.” 

In addition, the bold throwing also helped in the end. He said, “As a sidearm pitcher, even if my arm is slightly open, it goes straight to the body of a right-handed hitter, so I threw it with care. I threw it like that, so I couldn’t spray it and let it go.” “But in Australia, I didn’t care and threw it. “I think I had a good experience,” he explained. 카지노

It’s already been 5 years. I had already heard the importance of control and made an effort. The results should come out steadily, but I haven’t been able to prove it yet. However, based on my experience in Australia, I am now trying to confirm and prove it. He emphasized, “I can’t give out walks, but I can easily solve the game only when I allow a minimum of walks.” After emphasizing, “I thought that my control in Australia has improved. I can tell you that I can minimize walks.” It seems,” he said forcefully. 

Now, I want to contribute to the team’s performance by consistently playing with the confidence I gained in Australia. He said, “I think it would be better if I threw consistently in any position and achieved good results. And my goal is to help the team to win first place unconditionally by throwing consistently. “, he vowed.

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