Can Noh Beom-soo (Ulju-gun Office) of ‘Nottojang’ continue his record of winning 5 consecutive championships?

The 2023 Folk Ssireum League 3rd Boeun Jangsa Ssireum Competition will be held at the Boeun National Sports Center in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 19th and 23rd.

Starting with the preliminaries on the 19th, Taebaek Jangsa (80kg or less) on the 20th, Geumgang Jangsa (90kg or less) on the 21st, Halla Jangsa (105kg or less) on the 22nd, Baekdu Jangsa (140kg or less) on the 23rd, final match and team finals this follows

The interest in this tournament is whether Noh Beom-soo will win five consecutive tournaments. Starting with the Cheonhajangsa Competition in November of last year, Noh Beom-soo won four competitions this year, including the Lunar New Year’s Day Competition in January, the Mungyeong Competition 체스카지노 in February, and the Pyeongchang Odae Sancheon Competition in April. If Noh Beom-soo, who is in his 4th year of folk wrestling, rises to the flower palanquin by this tournament, he is close to Geumgang class Lim Tae-hyeok (Suwon City Hall), who holds the record for the most titles in active life (20 times) with a personal total of 19 times (Taebaek 18 times + Geumgang 1 time). will stand Since the winner of the previous tournament will play from the quarterfinals without going through the preliminaries, it is a more advantageous situation for Noh Bum-soo.

It is noteworthy whether MG Saemaeul Geumgo, the only corporate wrestling team that has won the championship in just three competitions since its founding, will continue its momentum as Jang Seong-wu climbed to the top of the Baekdu class at the Pyeongchang Odaesancheon Championships.

In addition, Suwon City Hall, who won the team match with Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team in the finals of the PyeongChang Odaesancheon Championships, is interested in having a return match early in the round of 16 against Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team in this tournament.

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