Gangwon FS, following the runner-up in the Dream League in the first season, held Jeonju as a promotion PO and promoted!

Gangwon FS created a sensation from the first season and was promoted to the Super League.

In the <KFL 2022-23 FK League Promotion Playoff> between Gangwon FS (below Gangwon) and Jeonju Mag Futsal Club (below Jeonju) held at Jecheon Jokgu Gymnasium on the 1st, Gangwon won a thrilling 5:4 come-from-behind victory, the Super League, which is like the first division. The promotion was successful. 바카라

Gangwon, who finished runner-up in the Dream League (2nd division), had to win Jeonju, 5th place in the Super League, and promotion PO to advance to the Super League. On the other hand, Jeonju could remain in the Super League even if they won or drew.

From the first half, Jeonju scored two goals and seemed to confirm retention, but in the 18th minute of the first half, Woo Hee-jun of Gangwon made up for it with a second penalty kick. The first half ended with Jeonju leading 2:1.

However, in the second half, Jeonju scored a goal and Gangwon followed suit. Jeonju’s Kim Jin-wook scored a goal and Jeonju took a 3:1 lead, but Gangwon-do’s Kim Seon-bin immediately followed suit.

In the 13th minute of the second half, Jeonju Kim Tak-soo scored a goal, widening the gap to 4:2. However, in the 14th minute of the second half, Kim Yeong-rok, who won the ‘FK Dream League Outstanding Player Award’ in Gangwon-do, scored a comeback goal and did not give up until the end.

In a situation where Gangwon must win, he wrote a miracle at the end of the game. In the 17th minute of the second half, Gangwon tied the score with Woo Hee-jun’s mid-range shot, and with 40 seconds left in the game, Kim Sun-bin scored a come-from-behind goal.

Just before the end, Gangwon, who kept Kim Sun-bin’s come-from-behind goal well, won 5:4, and Gangwon brought a new wind to the FK league by succeeding in promotion after finishing runner-up in the <KFL 2022-23 FK Dream League> in the first season of the FK League.

On the other hand, Jeonju suffered a disappointing loss to Gangwon, and from the next season, they will be active in the Dream League. 

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