Alex Meret (25) praised Kim Min-jae.

According to Italy’s Tuto Mercado Web on the 10th (Korean time), Meret said, “Kim Min-jae can speak a little Italian. If we have to talk, we don’t need a lot of words. We understand each other very well.” said.

“Minjae Kim has learned the core Italian language needed on the pitch. If I need to be more specific, he communicates in English,” he said. “Minjae Kim is a fantastic player. He made himself available immediately and is doing great in the league. He is a player with no problems.”

Meret is Napoli’s main goalkeeper this season. He has appeared in all 28 matches he has played so far, conceding only 23 goals and keeping 11 clean sheets. Napoli’s defense is so solid that there are not many critical situations, but the occasional conceding crisis was blocked with animalistic reflexes.

The defender Meret particularly relies on is Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae is evaluated as the best defender in Italy’s Serie A based on his flawless defensive ability all season. The aggressive soccer played by Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was also possible because of Kim Min-jae. Meret uploaded a picture of him roaring with Kim Min-jae after winning 2-1 against AC Milan in the 7th round, adding ‘fire’, ‘brick’, and ‘X’ emojis. that it is so rigid.

The praise for Kim Min-jae is not limited to this one. Meret said in September of last year, “Kim Min-jae impressed me. Since arriving at Naples, he has already improved in many areas, and he still has the ability to do more. In addition, he has amazing physicality, is good at aerial balls, and has good marks. (For strikers from other teams) it is really difficult to surpass Kim Min-jae. I hope it continues as it is now.” 토토사이트

Minjae Kim’s ‘Italian’ and ‘English’ mentioned by Meret are the result of his efforts. Especially the Italian language, which he began to study as soon as he joined Naples. This is a well-known fact, as Spalletti said, “I remember Kim Min-jae repeatedly saying to himself, ‘Go, stop, run’ in Italian. It was to learn these words.”

Meanwhile, Napoli’s next schedule is the 22nd round of Serie A against Cremonese, which will be held on the 13th. As it is a home match and the opponent is at the bottom of the league, victory is likely.

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