San Diego Padres starting pitcher Joe Musgrove, who became a losing pitcher against the same district rival LA Dodgers, shared his thoughts.

On the 13th (Korean time), Musgrove started an away game against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA, recording 8 hits (1 home run), 4 walks, 5 strikeouts and 4 runs in 5 2/3 innings. He became the losing pitcher as the team went 2-4.

Episode 1 was disappointing. He induced a fly ball against Max Muncy with second out and first base, but center fielder Adam Engel misjudged the ball and allowed a hit. Afterwards, he allowed a three-run home run to JD Martinez.

In an interview after the game, Musgrove said, “I thought it was an out,” and expressed regret about the hit allowed to Muncy, but said, “It was just a matter of catching the next batter. He should have done better in that situation,” he blamed himself.

Regarding his pitching, he said, “I think it was good except for the home run.” “There were difficulties in the 4th inning, but we blocked it without conceding. In the 3rd inning situation where a run was lost, a hit that escaped by shift was a problem. He threw well overall. The strike zone control was good,” he said about pitching.

The team lost 2-4 on the day and gave up the first two games of the series. Following last week’s 3-game home game against the Tagus, 1-2, he recorded 1-4 against the Dodgers.

When asked about the situation in which he continues to lose to the Dodgers, he expressed his honest thoughts, saying, “To be honest, I am tired of talking about that now.”스포츠토토

“This is baseball,” he said. “The opponent is a good team. We didn’t play very sloppy, bad baseball against them. We lost by 1-2 points. I mean we played our game. Now we have to stop talking about that team like ‘we can’t win’. We have the experience of beating them in important situations like last year’s postseason. We’re just not doing well right now. We have to play better baseball,” he said, raising his voice.

“I have confidence in our team. We know we are a better team than we are now. Just like today’s opponent, you have to hit the right time when you need it. We know what to do, and we need to do it.”

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