‘I won’t buy anything over 80 million pounds (about 133.7 billion won).’

Manchester United, which is promoting the recruitment of Harry Kane (30, Tottenham) in the summer transfer market, has set a clear margin. This is to avoid being swayed by the tactics of Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy, who is trying to get a big share of Kane. Reports came out that if Levy called Kane’s transfer fee unreasonably high, Manchester United would overturn the negotiating table and find an ‘alternative’.

The British media Daily Star said on the 27th (Korean time), ‘Man Utd, which wants to sign Kane, will not be a hostage in the transfer negotiations led by Tottenham. If Tottenham demand a transfer fee of more than £80 million, they will give up Kane’s signing and find an alternative.’ It is a position that he will not get caught up in the’business trick’ of Chairman Levy, who leads Tottenham.

Manchester United are in desperate need of a striker who can score at the forefront of the current attack. The best option would be to sign Kane, the all-time top scorer for England and Tottenham. Kane also wants to leave Tottenham to win trophies.

The problem is that Tottenham chairman Levy will not just let Kane go. Chairman Levy has already been blocking the transfer to another team by putting a huge price tag on Kane whenever the transfer market opens for several years. In 2021, Manchester City promoted the signing of Kane, but set a ridiculously large transfer fee of 160 million pounds (approximately 267.2 billion won). In fact, it is the same as a declaration that Kane will not be allowed to transfer.온라인카지노

Chairman Levy’s notorious past has led Manchester United to take a conservative stance on Kane’s signing. This is because President Levy may again demand an excessive transfer fee for Kane. The limit that Manchester United can accept is £80m. The media said, “Man United CEO Richard Arnold is preparing to negotiate a contract with Tottenham for a potential transfer fee of £ 80 million regarding Kane.”

However, if Levy calls Kane’s transfer fee too high, as in the past, Manchester United can give up Kane neatly. It is because of the judgment that it is better to choose another alternative than to spend time fooling around with Levy’s tricks. If negotiations become sluggish, Manchester United is expected to give up Kane neatly and push for Victor Osimen of Naples, a colleague of Kim Min-jae and a strong Serie A scorer.

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