Major League Baseball stadium safety is on red alert.

The Major League Baseball players’ union has expressed concern about two recent safety incidents at stadiums, according to The Athletic.

There have been two recent incidents in Major League Baseball that have raised concerns about stadium safety.

The first occurred on Friday at the Chicago White Sox’s new home, Wrigley Field. Two spectators were shot in the outfield bleachers.

There was no major disturbance, and the game went on as normal, but it’s unclear how the shots were fired. The investigation is still ongoing as to how the shooting occurred in a major league stadium where guns are prohibited.

“We have completely ruled out the possibility that a firearm was discharged outside the stadium,” Chicago Police Department Interim Superintendent Fred Waller told local media.

The other incident occurred at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. A spectator entered the stadium during the bottom of the seventh inning of a game between the Atlanta Braves and Colorado on Monday.

Crowd invasions are a common occurrence in Major League Baseball, but this one was a little more dangerous. A fan ran up to Atlanta outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. and hugged him.

As security guards on the field were trying to subdue the fan, Akuña fell to the ground.

Luckily, the player was unharmed, but there were serious concerns about his safety.

The Major League Baseball Players Union said it was taking the matter “very seriously,” and that its director of safety had been in contact with Major League Baseball’s head of security and local law enforcement to discuss the matter.카지노

He added that players are being kept informed and that the organization is reviewing safety procedures at each team and stadium.

Trespassing on the field at a major league ballpark is a dangerous behavior not only for players, but also for fans.

The Athletic cited a Major League Baseball official as saying that fans who trespass on the field can be disciplined by their clubs and the league office, including permanent bans, and can also be prosecuted by law enforcement.

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