Reporter Han Jae-hyun = The success of former coach Paulo Bento, who advanced to the World Cup round of 16 after 12 years, can be found in a well-equipped system. Chairman Michael Müller, who took over as the new National Team Strengthening Committee, is also looking for Bento’s successor on a clear basis.

Chairman Michael held an inauguration press conference held at the Soccer Hall in Gyeonghuigung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 11th at 2:00 pm on the 11th, and revealed his aspirations and the criteria for appointing the next coach.

He said, “I will leave everything open from a blank slate. We plan to utilize even personal networks,” he said. “It is difficult to predict a specific date in the soccer business. It’s important to go in the right direction. I am confident that I will be appointed as a clear supervisor according to the procedure rather than going unconditionally quickly.”

Chairman Michael said, “We listened to the demands of the Korea Football Association. Made 5 things. Expertise, experience, self-motivation, and teamwork skills. Finally, environmental factors 토토사이트. I plan to consider how well I can meet the conditions of the association and the coach. The same is true for living in Korea. I have to look at it from an individual point of view, so I have to review my resume.”

He tried to take into account the development of Korean football as well as the performance of the next coach. Even if it was not at the end of February, which was originally set, but over a period of time, he made it clear that he would appoint a director carefully according to the criteria.

It is similar to the move of former chairman Kim Pan-gon, who is currently in charge of coaching Malaysia. Former Chairman Kim Pan-gon, like Chairman Michael, also tried to lead the national team with the appointment of a coach, emphasizing a clear process and system. He succeeded in appointing Bento coach according to his performance and changes in Korean soccer, and presented a new direction along with advancing to the round of 16.

Chairman Michael is selecting candidates with a broad mind, both at home and abroad. In particular, when appointing his foreign coach, even a foreign master can promote a trip to Korea as he has his own wide network. Attention is focusing on who will be the new head of the Republic of Korea that Chairman Michael will elect.

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