LG’s Park Dong-won, who was named the KBO League’s May MVP, apologized to teammate Lim Chan-kyu.

The KBO announced on May 8 that “LG Park Dong-won was finally selected as the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Monthly MVP for May.”

Before the game at the Gocheok Dome on May 8, Park Dong-won said, “I’m very grateful to those who voted for me. I think I was able to receive this award because I came to a new team and adapted so well, and the coaching staff and players helped me so much. I am very grateful to the LG Twins.”

This is the first award for an LG player in four years since 2019. Park Dong-won, who signed as a free agent with LG before this season, did it. “LG called me because they needed me so much, and I feel like I met their expectations, so I’m very happy,” Park said. “It’s even more meaningful because I came out after four years in LG. I knew it when I saw the article.”

Competition within the LG team was fierce. Lim Chan-gyu and Hong Chang-gi were also in the running. “Honestly, I thought it was for Changu,” Park said. “I would have liked to see Changi get it, but Changu made a tough choice last winter not to apply for free agency and redo his career, so I thought it was more meaningful for him to get it,” he added.

“I’m glad I got it, but I think it would have been a better picture for him,” he laughs.

Park received 16 out of a total of 29 votes (55.2%) from the journalists and 178,638 out of 417,900 fan votes (41.4%) for a total score of 48.27, earning him the honor of being named the MVP of the month for the first time in his career.스포츠토토

Im Chan-kyu, who topped his respective categories in May with a 1.13 ERA and four wins, was followed by teammate Park Dong-won with a total of 15.32 points. “Now that Dong-won has won, the MVP in my heart is Im Chan-kyu,” said coach Yeom Kyung-yeop when asked about Park Dong-won’s MVP award. Referring to the LG players who were nominated a few days earlier, Yong Kyung-yup said that pitching was important and gave Im a higher score.

In the month of May, Park Dong-won led the league in home runs with nine, and in RBIs and OPS with 25 and a .787 slugging percentage. He was also tied for second in runs scored (14) and fourth in batting average (3-for-3).

He led the league in home runs (14) and is on pace to become the first catcher in 19 years to lead the league in home runs.

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