Korea Football Association (KFA) president Chung Mong-gyu finally bowed his head. This is because the amnesty measures for 100 soccer players who were severely punished for committing misconduct in the past were withdrawn.

The KFA suddenly announced an amnesty at a board meeting at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th of last month, when the friendly match was held with Uruguay. It was an hour before the kick-off against Uruguay. The KFA, which has often held board meetings on the day of A matches, usually announces the contents of the board the next day so that interest in the national team will not be shaken, but this time it was different. 스포츠토토

The background of the KFA’s surprise announcement was interpreted as the fact that 48 of the 100 people who were pardoned were involved in the match-fixing incident that shook the K-League in the past. It wasn’t even an emergency situation. It means that internal controversy was expected. In the end, supporters of major K-League clubs, including the national team’s official cheering team, “Red Devils,” issued a statement of protest, and when a weekend K-League boycott was discussed, the KFA lowered its tail. On the 31st, a temporary board meeting was held and it was decided to withdraw the pardon.

The pathetic behavior continued. When announcing the holding of the temporary board meeting, KFA kindly (?) informed that “there is no separate interview with attendees.” After the temporary board meeting, he tried to end the situation in a hurry by reading Chairman Chung’s statement.

It is not surprising. Whenever a sensitive situation arose, the KFA leadership would back off. Even when he recently signed a contract with the national football team coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), he ignored the normal appointment system and skipped a series of procedures, causing controversy, but he showed no reflection at all. Afterwards, even after making a ‘previous futility’ called match-fixing indulgence, it was replaced with only an entrance statement.

Chairman Chung’s statement was also disastrous. He once again stimulated public opinion with the phrase “more strict moral standards and heightened expectations of fans who want a fair ground.” This is because fans have never condoned the match fixing and have never forgiven the participants.

If KFA wants the situation to end just by reading Chairman Chung’s statement, it is a mistake. Revealing who proposed the amnesty for what purpose and for what purpose, and how it was brought up as a board agenda, is the start of the work to correct the wrongdoing.

In the past, amnesty was consistently mentioned. However, there was at least common sense at that time. There were also executives and employees who spoke directly to Chairman Chung. In that way, Chairman Chung’s burden was reduced in the right direction, and he turned in a decent direction. Unfortunately, the clock at KFA has been running backwards for the past two to three years. Communication with the outside as well as internal dialogue was cut off. A structured organization that does not speak the right words to the head is bound to be broken. Right now, it seems that there are only ‘yes men’ in the KFA leadership.

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